Hot Bread disclosure of ingredints & weight

I have wondered for a long time why it is that hot bread packaging does not disclose the weight and ingredients. I notice recently that each slice seems to have shrunk. As a diabetic, I need to know what ingredients are used and percentage. Products on supermarket shelves are required to disclose these details. Why not hot bread products?

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Here is your answer.

“Basic information includes the following:
Labels must tell the truth, be legible and contain the name or description of the food. Exceptions are very small packages, foods with no significant nutritional value (e.g. herb, spice, tea, coffee), foods sold unpackaged (unless a nutrient claim is made), foods made and packaged at the point of sale (e.g. bread from the local bakery).”

Your bread is the same as hot pies, fish & chips, burgers and so on.

This is unacceptable. For example, I need to know how much sugar is in retailed food. In bread, who knows what is in it? What is the weight? Bread is uniformly packaged; each loaf the same as all the others presumably in each batch, unlike take away food which is not generally a staple such as bread.

As per the link I posted, they are complying with the legislation.

If you want fresh bread which is labelled with the nutrition information and the ingredients, why not buy in-store baked fresh supermarket bread?

We buy Coles multigrain bread which is baked daily at our local Coles and it is the best tasting bread I have eaten. Far nicer than both factory and independent bakeries.

If you want the legislation changed, then start a petition on “”, but I don’t reckon there is a snowball’s chance in hell of it being succeeful.