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Honda GPS issues


The Honda GPS issue is finally resolved.

I had given Honda and its dealer Pacific Honda at Gympie a final 7 day notice, and I was half way through drafting a statement of claim for QCAT, when I was notified to come in for the GPS update free of charge.

Only took 18 months after purchasing the new vehicle.

It might be worth noting that Pacific Honda told me that they had no idea when the next update would be, or how much it would cost.


We bought a map update for our 5-year old Renault (a Tomtom carminat based system) and found the map woeful. A street built about 3-4 years ago cannot be found in its suburb, nor is the major store (Costco) it was built for in the database after more than a year. Search on the street and it cannot be found either - until one sets the β€˜city’ to a nearby jurisdiction the street is not in.

We can win and still lose. Hope yours is more useful than ours.