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An article about getting rid of ants in homes.



Another article regarding home cleaning tips and Choice’s comments.




Another cleaning tip regarding a very badly stained sink.




Another home cleaning tip.



Another tip for cleaning using Polident.


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Some more home cleaning tips and some input from Choice.


From the LifeChoices site come some tips about using some common and easy products to help clean & innovate around the house.

I have copied some of the entries that I particularly liked and if you would like to read more you can visit the site article by clicking the linked text in the previous paragraph. Please note these are not my own work and are authored by Janelle Ward of the LifeChoices team.

"Remove gum with peanut butter
Don’t give up on those shoes with gum on the sole. You may have tried placing the item in the freezer and then chiselling off the gum, but this may work better.

Spread a decent amount of peanut butter around and on the gum. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrub it off with some cold water."

"Make your own buttermilk
The recipe says buttermilk, but you don’t want to go to the shops again. Is there a substitute?

Pour a cup of milk for every cup of buttermilk in the recipe. Sour the milk by adding one tablespoon of white vinegar per cup of milk. Wait 10 minutes, and there you have it."

"Extend the life of razor blades
Razor blades are ridiculously expensive. They’re now behind the counter at most supermarkets, because of their allure to shoplifters. So is there a way to make them last long?

A number of sources swear by this method.

Get an old pair of jeans, not your favourites. Lay them out flat and run a clean, dry used razor several times up the pants leg – holding the razor in the opposite direction to shaving. Then run it several times down the pants leg."


Another cleaning tip on cleaning an iron with a panadol tablet.

Watch the video clip, not read the text as it is to do with ovens.

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As soon as I read the word ‘hack’ used in this kind of context, I switch off. Most of the time, including this time, its not a ‘hack’ even in the yuppie-speak sense, its a ‘feature’ that has been around for years that people are simply ignorant of, and in the case of the oven, not cheap to run from what I read.


An Aussie mum has raved about a signalling function on her SUV that has stopped fellow driving aficionados in their tracks.

Victorian mum, Janice Legend posted to Facebook driving forum, Mums Who Drive about her SUV and its little-known function for signalling lane changes and turns at intersections.

Janice tells 9Honey Cars that the signalling function has been a godsend, and she hasn’t looked back after purchasing the SUV.

“You drive down the street as you’ve always done, then you decide to change to another lane or turn a corner so you engage the signalling function conveniently located on the steering column and flashing lights on the side of the car signal your intention to nearby SUV’s” she tells Cars … “My trips are so much quieter now without all the horns sounding and people seem far less angry”.

Not to mention “Aussie mums raves over little-known cleaning function” … was she holding a clandestine dance party with other mums? in an oven? or are there just too many 's’s in that well proofread headline?

nine.com.au is little more than clickbait.

I never did see the iron cleaning video - between privacy badger and my pi-hole it was decided for me that nine.com.au is clickbait :wink: I don’t use an iron anyway ! :rofl:


A sign of the times and the evolution of language :frowning:


That’s strange if you were referring to my last post above.

I cannot see the word “hack” in either what I wrote or the article itself.

As Pauline said, “please explain”.

A sign of the times indeed … I saw CHOICE use it only seconds after my comment here - the pain, the pain …

I can … twice in the published page


and 15 times in the source


‘pyrolyptic’ indeed … :slight_smile:

Two previous articles refer to ‘hacks’ as well … we are so overdue a comet :rofl:


Another slideshow of home cleaning tips that some may find useful.


Calling all lazy cleaners! We want your tips on the easiest way to get through the spring clean.


Tell us all your hacks for getting your oven sparkling without having to scrub it till your fingers bleed, or getting rid of the mould in your shower without frying your hair with bleach.

Are there cleaning products you don’t even bother buying because you can do a good-enough job without them? Or cleaning appliances that are covered in dust because you haven’t busted them out in years?

Is there something in your house that you’ve never actually cleaned but it hasn’t made a lick of difference to your health?

Of course we don’t want to exclude the diligent cleaners among us: we know’ll you have some hot tips to share too. Tell us your secrets!



ha!! struggling through the biggest spring clean in my life ever as I’m going sustainable.

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Step 1: just lemon have no vinegar have been doing for 30 years
Step 4: same
Step 5: for the last 6 years
Will try 8 & 11… the rest don’t apply


I pay $100, then nap on the balcony while some experts do it for me.

When considering the time-cost of doing it myself on top of the RSI-cost to my body (never mind breathing fumes or the cost of materials) it just makes fiscal sense.

Also, I like napping.


I want a “Samantha” to wiggle her nose and just have it done by magic. REality says, though, that I live with a less than salubrious environment because I no longer have the capacity to keep up with it. And I can’t get a cleaner because I would need to clean first before he/she came.


Unfortunately there is no easy way,
It’s hard work all the way😉

To me it means taking down and washing the curtains,
cleaning light fittings,
cleaning the back of the fridge,
cleaning shelves,
cleaning back of mirrors
and of pictures,
sorting wardrobe to put away winter clothes.

As in Melbourne it can still be a bit chilly in
September, I leave it till a bit later on so that all windows can be opened while
cleaning and dusting.

My tools are: hand held cordless vacuum cleaner, to get in hard to reach places.
Micro cloths: damp one to clean, dry one
to polish.

Essential ingredient: feeling energetic.:blush: