Home Appliance Plus - Do not purchase from this mob

Hi, I recently paid for 2 Vanity units from this company and despite various attempts to contact them via phone and email to see where my order is, I have got nowhere. I urge you to read the company review client forums on these web sites, before engaging with them. Had I been aware of this , I would never gone near them




Welcome to the Community @BigKev57

It is always best to research companies prior to buying from them as you have learned.

Their web site indicates they do have phone problems (if one believes everything on any web site). For completeness, did you try their chat also?

One avenue is to seek a chargeback from your bank for non-delivered merchandise if you paid by credit card. If you sent an EFT or BPay that is not an option.

You can find out about chargebacks (aka disputes) from your card issuer. The process was discussed elsewhere on the Community.

The ABN is for STEEL & WATER PTY LTD in NEWNHAM TAS 7248, that itself being a curious company name for an online merchant, although the ecommerce site could be a trading venture related to the company.

Please let us know how you go or if you need any further guidance.


Hi Phil, you would think over the 20+ years I have been a Choice subscriber, I would have learnt to research this company prior to engaging with them, In my defence, I must say this is the first time , I have had any issues with an on-line service provider and hopefully my first and last bad experience with an online purchase.Regards.


Hi @BigKev57, welcome to the community.

How long between placing the order and making contact with them to see where it was at?

Was their any information at the time of order of shipping times?

Their website has general information about delivery times…

and there are a number of postcodes they don’t deliver bulky items to.

They have an out in relation to delivery times… items which can’t be filled and are on backorder.

What is concerning is their website is devoid of standard contact details such as address, phone number etc and one must contact them by email or. Their website also states…

In our desire to give you the best customer service support, we have integrated a new phone system. With the transition from old to new lines, there are some glitches and bugs that we need to fix. OUR PHONE LINES ARE DOWN. You can still reach us through emails and chats. We added more customer service agents on CHAT SUPPORT to assist you and address your needs. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.

The address in your link indicates it may be based in Hobart, but searching the address suggests it is a commercial kitchen equipment company…and not a warehouse that sell a range if products like a hypermarket. The kitchen company has a phone number (03) 9460 8999 and it might be worth calling them to see if they know of Home Appliance Plus.

Alarm bells are starting to ring. If the call is unsuccessful (and with @PhilT’s ABN information) it has the potential to be a sham or scam company. I strongly suggest you contact your credit card issuer and commence a charge back. Also keep an eye on your credit card statements for fraudulent card use.


HAP is getting deserved press.


A SMH article warning customers about making purchases from Home Appliance Plus.

The business has drawn the attention of the Office of Fair Trading in some states, principally due to a significant number if complaints about unreasonable delivery times for purchased products.


Too late for me, I am afraid to say.

I can’t believe that they are allowed to continue to trade ???

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Have we really become this bad in this country can’t trust anything anymore it amazes me how they can set up business in the first place

Unfortunately there is a world of Information on what is required to set up a,business like this on line. Shame people are able to still do this,without apparently much in the way of checks and balances preventing them from doing so.

Do you think that the idea of taking money from people and then not providing the goods is something that was invented recently?

I suggest that ever since money was first invented, any time the purchaser did not demand to take the goods at the same time they handed over the money that trust, that the goods will be supplied, has been broken by somebody.

The problem looks a little different today due to our communication systems but the core behaviour is just the same as when Diogenes went searching for an honest man.


I cannot agree with you any more about that. Good point.i suppose bad business is always around at least good people have caught on to it so the rest of us know about it

There is now a litany of complaints about Home Appliance Plus online and, according to media reports, the company has now shut down its site: Home Appliances Plus shuts down website following thousands of complaints

A relative of mine purchased from this crowd in April this year and never received the goods (the same issue that everyone else is complaining about online). He mistakenly believed he’d had a good customer experience with the company before, as it has a similar name to a reputable brand.

After months elapsed with no goods being supplied and many attempts to call the company (which went through to voicemail without the company ever responding) and unanswered emails to the company, he lodged a complaint with ACCC and disputed the credit card transaction via his bank. (It was a Visa transaction.)

I figured the bank wouldn’t allow a disputed transaction in this scenario because he had knowingly paid for the goods (i.e. it was not a fraudulent use of his credit card). I prepared a formal communication for him to send to the company, which provided evidence of the purchase transaction, detailed previous communication attempts and formally cancelling the order and requesting a full refund within a week on the basis of their failure to supply the product and this failure to respond to enquiries.

After a week elapsed with no reply, he disputed the transaction via his bank and supplied a copy of the order cancellation and refund request email.

The bank processed a charge-back and allowed the Home Appliance Plus 29 days to re-present the charge. In the interim, the bank credited the money to my relative’s account. In response, Home Appliance Plus re-presented the charge, so the money was again debited from my relative’s account.

The bank then sent Home Appliance Plus pre-arbitration documents and Home Appliance Plus accepted the disputed transaction, so my relative got his money back. It was an excellent outcome.

I suppose he was lucky that the company was still active with a bank account so the monies were able to be recovered.

The company has now gone into voluntary administration. If you would like to contact the liquidator and apply as a creditor, send them an email to: homeappliancesplus@svp.com.au and request a formal proof of debt form. If you can provide proof of payment, you can be listed as an unsecured creditor.