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Hogan on Line

I bought a fridge from Hogan on Line and it is too big for the area and it has a dint in the door. What can I do about it?

Welcome to the forum @thomp37, three issues you raised

Google knows about Paul Hogan, the Hogan clothing shop in the USA, and some Hogan certification programs, but not a ‘Hogan on Line’.

Perhaps you meant Kogan, and I’ll assume that is the case. If I got that right, you can edit (correct) your topic title to Kogan

That would be a change of mind. You measured and checked product dimensions prior to ordering, didn’t you? Note their change of mind policy that is included on the following link to their faulty product page.

A dint in a door is a minor fault that can be easily fixed by a new door. Note in their T&C it is stated: (the following is a hot link to Kogan’s faulty products page)

Please note that where Products are faulty or damaged upon delivery, photographic evidence of the damage or fault must be submitted to Kogan Support via the Help Centre within 3 days of receipt of the product. Failure to do so may result in your claim being denied.

While that is not the last word, especially under Australian Consumer Law, it is always easier to work with a merchants T&C regardless of their merits, than having to argue points of law.

A bottom line issue is buying an inappropriate product* is not covered by the Australian Consumer Law and companies are free to set their own policies for ‘change of mind’. Unfortunately Kogan has been called out numerous times on this forum. This topic is representative. (If you did mean Kogan I will move your post into this topic.)

A synopsis of your consumer rights with some good links to resources is at

From my viewpoint worst case is you may have to accept a new door (or door panel) and try to on-sell the fridge. A good case would be if they agree to accept a return, you paying the freight. A great case would be if they agree to accept a return at no cost to you.

Please let us know how you go.

* If a customer engages with a supplier and explicitly states their requirements and asks appropriate questions, and is then sold an inappropriate product, the Australian Consumer Law applies and a refund can be sought. If a customer just purchases a product no questions asked, and it turns out to be inappropriate, that is on the customer.


Kogan does have a conditional Change of Mind Policy…

It is conditional as it only applies to a its own ‘Kogan Exclusive Brands’… If you have bought one of these products and it is still within the 14 day change of mind period, contact Kogan ASAP to see if you can have the fridge returned.


Just an added thought, if you had bought the fridge because the dimensions advertised on the site had been incorrect on that site (as examples if it was described as 920 mm wide and it was actually 1000 mm wide or was 700 mm wide) and you purchased it based on the advertised dimensions then the item would be covered under ACL as a major fault because it was different to what was described.


It possibly would come under misleading claims…