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Hobsons Bay Council Recycling Intiative 2.0

The area where I live has introduced a first for Melbourne regarding recycling . We have been given an extra bin , Purple top , for glass only . That is in addition to the Light green topped bin , being for garden waste . The Light Green Topped bin now takes food waste and all garden clippings for composting and is picked up weekly instead of fortnightly . We maintain the Dark Green topped bin , general house hold rubbish and the Yellow topped , paper and metal recyclables .

The Purple lid new addition bin for glass is a monthly pick up .
A Kitchen caddy bin was also supplied for food scraps to be added , vegetable peelings etc ,and then emptied into the Light green Lidded bin .
In the future we will have a red topped bin added .

I’m really happy with this recycling initiative and it is good to see Melton and Wyndham Council , both in the West of Melbourne , following suit shortly .

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Lucky you - and your fellow ratepayers! In my Council (Northern Areas, in SA), we can’t even get an ordinary green waste bin - and, to add insult to injury, have to pay to take it to the dump…


4 bins, I hope you have sufficient areas to store these. I may also become problematic for multiunit dwellings which usually have limited space.


I agree Peter @phb . Altona has become " Town House City " 4 residences to a block where there was 1 previously . Another issue is the Purple Topped bin for glass . It is a once a month pick up . We have ours already over half full in under a week .The initiative started on Feb 3 . It is $60 and a truck load of paper work to get an extra bin . They should be 240 litre instead of the supplied 120 .

Quick knock on some neighbours doors and an agreement to take our overflow .:rofl: I don’t drink any alcohol but I buy condiments and jams etc in glass jars .


We’ve had the caddy and supplied green bags for several years. Easy to do and a good use of waste.

I do like the idea of glass, but we put glass in our yellow bin and it is sorted at the recycling plant.


Can’t put glass in our recycling bins anymore.


One of the three original in the recycling game.

  • Glass bottles,
  • Scrap steel and aluminium pots for the war effort,
  • Clean newspaper and cardboard.

Are we going backwards?

Tin cans went in the wrapped rubbish in our 10gal galvanised rubbish bin. The one with the locking lid!

Remember the war - we gave up our pots and pans to fabricate aircraft. Those on the other side recycled our scrap steel, returned dropped from aircraft.


Hi, I’m in the trial area for the City of Yarra’s “Waste Revolution”, which has been operating for about 4 months. Fortunately, the council met the cost for the initial issue of the green bins and glass crates.

Being an inner city area, comprising of mostly single fronted terraces and multi story developments, the houses and narrow streets are often littered with bins (as some houses have insufficient space to accommodate the additional bins) making footpaths impassable.

Some residents have been slow to respond to the revised recycling requirements and have, under darkness, dropped their rubbish in any accessible bin “contaminating” the contents. As a consequence the bin is not emptied until the “owner” sorts the contents into the correct bins.

The biggest problem which caused the most angst was the disposable nappies only being collected once a fortnight as part of the landfill collection during the summer months.

Things appear to have settled down now, but there is still a very high threat of someone dropping rubbish in your bin leaving you with the problem of resolving it.

I am all for reducing waste, but I can’t understand why manufacturers are allowed to use packaging, which is not recyclable. I think more should be done in this regard.


There are many upsides to what Hobsons Bay Council is doing regarding recycling . As you have pointed out @JAS there are definitely some negatives . I agree putting the normal non recycle bin collection back to 2 weeks from the previous 1 week will cause issues . Hopefully these can be addressed in the future .