HiSense TV screen refresh

Our new HiSense TV began asking for a ‘screen refresh’ occasionally then frequently then daily. The words on the notice warn about doing a refresh no more than 12 monthly. A call on their help line took me through a TV reboot deeper than the one you can call up through settings. It worked for a short time then the problem reappeared. This time they sent out a technician who changed the motherboard and all is now well.

It was an excellent response. That you HiSense.


Great to hear that they responded so well to your issue. Could you post the Model number in case others start having similar issues, this may help them get assistance earlier.


It is good to see that they have met their obligations under the ACL…without (what appears to be) giving you much grief (other than following their standard troubleshooting process).


The model is 55PX. Though the approach to customer service is across all their models no doubt.


Thank you :grinning:

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