High Salt Levels In Artifical Meats

An article regarding vegan pretend meat foods having more salt than a large serve of Macca’s fries.

I will stick with the real deal.

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I wonder whether the Tesco meat-free bacon-style rashers contain more salt than bacon :bacon:


Vegiterean bacon? Or should it be called Vegan Salt with bacon flavour?

Bacon meat content = zero
Salt content > zero. (IE probably some salt or lots of salt per @Fred123 pickup).

Probably correct, unless bacon is not meat?:sunglasses:


Tofurky slices had 3.5g and Tesco’s meat-free bacon has 3.2g

The Heart Foundation website indicates that bacon has a salt content of around 1.47g/50g (or 2.96g/100g).

It appears that the non-meat bacon has around the same, if not slightly more, salt than the traditional bacon rasher.

If one looks at some bacon rasher products available on the supermarket shelves, soldium contents are as follow (salt equivalent weights are in brackets):

Woolworths Shortcut Bacon - 0.96g/100gm (1.92g salt/100g)
Bertocchi Gold Thick Cut Bacon - 1.10g/100g (2.75g salt/100g)
Woolworths Deli bacon rashes - 1.01g/100g (2.52g salt/100g)
D’orsogna Streaky Bacon - 1.05g/100g (2.62g salt/100g)
Berg (Aldi) bacon rashes - 1.05g/100g (2.62g salt/100g)
Dandy Middle Bacon - 0.96g/100g (2.4g salt/100g)
Primo Short Cut Bacon Premium - 1.18g/100g (2.95g salt/100g)

Each of the above traditional bacons have lower salt contents than the non-meat varieties reported in the news article, but still levels significantly higher than recommended dietary levels.