Hidden delivery charges on Kogan site

I decided to buy some new shoes from Kogan. When I clicked through to the cart I saw that my postage option was already selected with the information - free delivery with Kogan First. I clicked through and agreed to join a Kogan First club membership trial in order to enjoy the free shipping. Later I discovered my card had been charged the highest rate for delivery.
When I raised this with Kogan they told me that free shipping with Kogan first does not apply to my town. I disagreed as this was not disclosed at point of sale and thereby preventing me from considering all the options for lower priced delivery.
Does this seem like a case if too bad so sad? Or should they refund the shipping fee?


Welcome to the community @AndyB1

Some free delivery options only apply to standard delivery. Express or faster may not be included. Kogan’s invoice and order confirmation should clarify the type of delivery service provided. What level of delivery service was provided/invoiced.

Kogan First free delivery may be restricted to ‘standard’ and not express. Can you comment on what you thought Kogan First was offering.

Also consider, if you have not already, and let us know whether it’s relevant.



Hey Mark_m
They didn’t specify the speed of delivery, only that it would be free…
The check box for free delivery was already ticked by the site and it sat above the other options fast, regular etc…


I saw those articles - yes it had the free shipping banner for my purchase !!


The Kogan website also says…

If the item is eligible but the Kogan First offer isn’t applying, please ensure that you are logged in using the email address that your membership was taken up on and that the postcode you are using is not in the ineligible list.

It appears the banner is unrelated to any delivery postcode entered and it is up to the customer to determine if their delivery postcode isn’t in the ineligible list. A fairly primitive system as it should be easy to notify at checkout if free delivery under the banner offer is possible. It may be the case they are more after a sale and pushing onus back on the customer before a customer commits to a sale at checkout.

It is unlikely you will be successful if your postcode is on the ineligible list. They will point to the T&Cs associated with the offer and say you had sufficient information prior to committing to the purchase at checkout.


Kogan’s ‘Help Centre’ provides several alternatives to approach Kogan to resolve your complaint directly. I’ve only had a couple of items supplied over time by Kogan, all without issue.

The following guide is a useful reference.

And if you have not found it - Kogan’s Help/support link.

Other’s in the community can benefit from your experience, if you can share Kogan’s response and whether they resolve the added charge with you.


Thanks Mark, appreciate it.
I did contact their help centre and they do reply very quickly. I received an apology but no offer of refunding the charges. Definitely a case of buyer beware. I think it’s a very misleading system.
The product shipped same day however which was impressive.


Your experience reads like a dodgy web site. Some companies will never refund based on their T&C but some will give a credit toward a future sale if pushed as a ‘token of good will’.

You could report the misleading web site to the ACCC/Fair Trading who will do nothing about it unless a few thousand other consumers also report it, but nothing reported is never a worry.