Herbalife 'Nutrition' stores

I don’t understand how these stores are able to operate without disclosing they use only Herbalife products.

I wont name the ones I am aware of, unless the good people at Choice ask me too.
You can generally tell by their names, they have ‘Nutrition’ in it, and some buzz word.

But essentially it’s an MLM with a storefront, advertising themselves as ‘Shakes and Loaded Teas’.

They make their money from their downlines buying products through them.

Its a very devious way of getting unknowing people in the door.

These shops are not allowed to advertise the fact they are Herbalife, checkout their individual business facebook pages and absolutely no mention of Herbalife or prices, just brightly coloured drinks

I don’t see why not, it isn’t as if you are saying things that are libellous. Keeping the matter nameless means you will get little reaction as few can be bothered trying to puzzle out what exactly you mean.

I get the point that you think these stores are being devious in not saying who they are linked to. What I don’t get is why this is such a problem. Why is it important to us that vendors are upfront about all their commercial associations? What are they doing that is illegal or improper?

I take it that you are in the business or involved in some way, care to tell us what your interest is?

Thankyou for your response, your assumption I have a connection in any way is completely incorrect.

What are they doing that is improper you ask, they present their businesses as ‘Smoothie and Juice’ Shops, when in fact they are Herbalife MLM store fronts.
The impression given is they sell freshly made smoothies and juices with real products, but they sell powder mixed with water and ice.

Whisk Nutrition Studio
Flourish Nutrition Studio
Blitz Nutrition Studio
The Vibe Nutrition Studio
Bliss Nutrition Studio
Rush Nutrition Studio
Inner Fuel Nutrition Studio
Gulp Nutrition Studio
Blush Nutrition Studio
DownTown Nutrition Studio
Juicy Nutrition Studio
Yumm Nutrition Studio
Delish Nutrition Studio
Haven Nutrition Studio
Sip Nutrition Studio

Why can’t a juice shop get supplies from or be linked to another organisation? I can’t see how this reduces the value or service to the customer.

You use the term MLM (multilevel marketing model) are you suggesting what they are doing is illegal, if not why is this business structure a problem?

There is a whole Wellness industry that misrepresents their products by hinting that they have health-giving properties that cannot be proven. I would suggest that anybody who buys such products be very careful about accepting any such claims. Many prepared food or drink products claim some kind of health effect, few can show it is true. Why are these stores any different?

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a) its not a juice shop, they sell Herbalife Shakes and Loaded Teas, false misrepresentation, no fresh fruits involved, just a powdered product

b) MLM is apparently not illegal, but this business model relies on shops establishing downlines (more stores) to turn a profit

c) I actually agree with you on this point, these stores are no different, they are promoting claims that these products are so safe, you can give their colourful teas and shakes to your kids, that have excessive caffeine and who knows what other harmful ingredients

The businesses I have named, are literally the tip of the iceburg, this has now spread Australia wide

There is a difference between hinting that your drink is health giving and saying it includes fresh fruit juice. Where would I find the claim that fresh fruit is an ingredient?