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Henes Broon cars for kids? Anyone have one or have any comments to share?



Hi all.

Can anyone share or provide any feedback regarding these cars? A fairly hefty investment for our 6 year old daughter and I haven’t had any opportunity to see one in the flesh so to speak. I need someone to convince me either way!


Ouch, they are very expensive. Maybe save/invest the money for a deposit on a real car when she reaches driving age. Being 6, I would expect her enjoyment of using the car would be short lived making it a big investment for a short time (she would outgrow the car either physically or in maturity).

When we were children and had our own, we had/acquired pedal cars. These have the advantage if not requiring/batteries. …the youngster is the motor and it gives the children some exercise. They are still available new and secondhand. This may be an alternative to a battery powered car and are about 1/4 to 1/6 the price when new. Good pedal cars are made from steel meaning they may last many years and also kept for future generations.

If you search ‘pedal cars’ on the internet it comes up with a range of options and suppliers in Australia. Also check out secondhand websites like Gumtree for used ones at a fraction of the new price.

If you want something a bit more creative (bit like the old Fisher Technic), there are these ones…

they also command a price premium, but are leg powered rather than battery. They come in a kit (for dad and daughter to have quality time together to build).


Thanks so much for the useful feedback. I will have a look at Infento, looks good!


A mate who is into gadgets showed me the website a year ago and thought it would be fantastic for children…if you do purchase one of their products, let us all know what you think about it.

Their products start with a base kit which makes a few different types of riding toys…to more advanced kits which may those in the base kit plus many more. Very interesting concept and looks like it is a good product from the photos. Prices sit between a pedal car and the Henes Broon cars.


Looks fab, but from their website, ‘At the moment, we deliver our products in the US, Canada and EU. We hope to expand to the rest of the world in 2018. You can stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage, or following us on Facebook.’ Maybe the ordering pages now has Australia added?


Here is there Facebook page…

I am not on Facebook but maybe you can contact them through their page.

They have a hoto of a customer in Australia so maybe they do send to Australia? (or maybe it was brought back into Austdaoia by the customer).

Maybe message them to see if they woukd do a special delivery to Australia if they currently don’t hage a stabdard Aussie delivery option. If you don’t ask, one will never know the answer.


No longer do babies travel in genuine cane -wicker basket prams.
No longer can you scavenge old steel framed pram under carriages from the dump.
No longer can you make a billy cart for “nicks”?
Yes, you can still tear break neck down the street on the hill for free imagining you are daring death.
No longer can you do so without encountering endless streams of traffic. The dare is real!

All for freedom, creative outlet and healthy energy sapping activity.
The principle behind the Infento ticks the same boxes, except perhaps “daring death” as you are far more likely to be arrested for breaking traffic rules before anything else more serious occurs.

p.s. They all look like great options for engaging children away from screen time in todays world. The battery option feels a little tamer “nerdy”, but is also relevant to the future. It’s also one way to learn the limitations of electric cars from a young age. Nothing that old two stroke engine can’t be reused for? Recyling is good for the planet, Ha! Ha!


Yes, but…no but…some come with screens…

I often talk with other parents about things similar to that you have raised…and the question is whether the children are all for the better for having such toys/devices…compared to when we were a child.

I suppose we all have our own opinions and what best suits our own familiars/circumstances, and what keeps the piece/others happy.


I just got a set for the US grandchildren. It is reportedly awesome. Some of the projects can be push cars but most are forts, slides, and so on. It is a German product; the Aussie supplier is