Help us with our investigation - real estate agents and COVID-19

Hi CHOICE Community,

We are the on the look out for examples of real estate agents telling renters to withdraw money from their superannuation to pay for rent. We have concerns that this against the law.

We’ve on the grape vine that this is happening, but would appreciate specific examples or screenshots.

Any examples you find will greatly assist our investigation.



Further, the HeraldSun has a subscription walled article. The google snip -> Real estate agents have been criticised for suggesting tenants in financial distress draw on their superannuation early to make rental repayments. News Corp Australia has seen multiple emails sent by real estate offices in Victoria and Queensland, suggesting tenants explore a …


An article regarding grubby property management businesses.

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Government is on the case. What laws are the estate agents transgressing? Unlicensed financial advice.


Yeah - they may be either practicing as an unlicensed financial adviser or if they are licensed they may be in breach of the best interests duty.


I witnessed our son-in-law say to a real estate salesman “Aren’t real estate salesmen somewhere between lawyers and used car salesmen?”

He did not specify whether he meant in ascending or descending order.

As well as being bad behaviour, it is appropriate here.

Real estate agents across the country are swapping tips on how to keep their renters paying top dollar and tricks to drive them in circles.


Our Real Estate Agent has been really supportive. We have been paying late since the beginning of the year as our business was hurt once Hong Kong & Singapore started being affected by COVID-19. We email the agent with each rent payment and keep a log of where we are up to. So a bouquet to Raine & Horne Neutral Bay.
I wish everyone could have a good Rental Agent as prior to R&H we were renting via McGrath and everything was a fight. As experienced renters (over 20 years) and investment property owners we understand both sides of the fence. I believe that ,with small number of exceptions, all rental agents are on a par with with used car sales people.
Everyone needs a break from the Rental fight especially now, please lobby your state MP to get the law changed as give renters certainty of occupation, that we have never had.