Hello Kitchen via Kogan - Electric Kettle

A warning FYI; I bought an electric glass kettle online through Kogan, via Hello Kitchen. The appliance looked great online and although it did several tasks, I just wanted a glass kettle to boil water for tea and coffee. When it arrived the instruction manual & appliance instructions were in a Chinese language. It took several emails, threats of contacting the Ombudsman in my State, and a few weeks to gain a full refund. It was also quite dangerous for elderly & others as it had a multitude of operations available on the appliance itself & of course, I pushed several to see if I could just get it to boil. In my case I had turned on a timer & the thing boiled almost dry when I left it on use the toilet. I had thought that such sale would be illegal in Australia, but it seems not. Thus, I warn ‘you’ to be very careful purchasing from the site; “Hello Kicthen”.


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There are very few things that are illegal to sell in Australia, and many things legal to sell but illegal to use or illegal to use without an appropriate license.

Buying products without English language instructions usually happens only when buying off shore, but Kogan does have a ‘certain reputation’ for its marketplace. You might enjoy this old dormant topic, especially the first post although that one reads like a significant improvement on your experience.

If you search the Community for ‘kogan’ you will get many hits about this and that. Thanks for adding another.