Heating for renters: portable/flueless gas units

This topic was covered on the website about a week ago and portable gas heaters were suggested. This was ill-informed.

In Victoria at least they’re prohibited unless as a replacement.

They emit carbon monoxide and people have died from using them indoors because of this.

At a minimum, if there’s no alternative in states where new installations are allowed, a carbon monoxide alarm should be used.


My thought too. If portable unflued gas heaters are generally illegal to use in unventilated places indoors, why even mention them and provide a buyers guide?

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I don’t think it was all that responsible without a lot of caveats. But to be fair, I’m only citing one state, and it’s still legal I believe here to replace one or go on using an installed one.
But darn unwise IMO without a CO alarm.

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Portable gas heaters (cabinet heaters) have been banned in Australia for some time.

There’s a wide range of heating and cooking items that use bottled gas - LPG, gas canisters (butane) or plug in mains gas connections. Use of some it not all indoors is banned in Australia or by state/territory. There are also kerosene heaters. There’s a large choice of heaters for ‘outdoor use only’.

It would be useful if we could determine which are and are not restricted, and whether there is consistency between jurisdictions. Note it’s ok to run a gas cooktop or gas oven indoors which may confuse some. It’s relatively common in many other nations to cook and heat using gas or liquid fuels, indoors when the weather requires. Not a reason to copy in Australia, but one reason many may misunderstand what is allowed.

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