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Healthy Eating

An interesting article about eating healthy instead of dieting.

It is pretty much what I have been doing. Mainly healthy home cooked food, very little takeaway food, and virtually no junk food.

I have lost 10 kg in the past 12 months and I am now almost down to the weight I was as a teenager over 50 years ago.


While some of the following foods are peddled oooops sorry sold here, I can just imagine the results if even a few more arrive on our shores and the outcome might be even bigger waistlines and Diabetes etc. The article can be read at:

I note Maccas and Hungry Jacks (HJ) as Burger King make appearances as does Taco Bell (TB), I just stumbled through a few of them and it got scary fast. Are any of the HJ, Maccas, TB, KFC, Subways, Red Rooster, Dominoes, Pizza Hut and similar franchise products being hinted at for Shonkys. If they aren’t is it worthwhile making them? Hmmm Triple Whopper anyone, Double Quarter Pounder?

Want more then have a look at the following slide list (it contains those from above but even more as well) by the same eatthis site:

A further query, has any research been done into the salt content of desserts that are commonly sold at these business and at supermarkets and shops?


It’s hard to read about healthy food when there are so many holidays ahead. It’s a question of not eating more than I need. I am afraid of overeating, and then having to work out even harder in the gym.