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Health stars ratings on ice cream

I have noticed that a lot of ice cream tubs don’t display health stars. Given that a lot of people rely solely on health stars due to company claims on packaging, which are misleading sometimes, I think ice-cream companies should display HSRs on all ice-cream for the benefit of consumers.


Many makers of unhealthy foods do not display heath stars because it is optional and that is one of the big failures of the system which was not fixed in the latest review of the system. Aside from avoiding the situation where their particular product looks bad it also brings the system into disrepute which is just how they like it,


Nothing wrong asking but as it is voluntary at the moment I’d doubt that many would be inclined to display what should be very low ratings. High fats, sugars, carbs in many would have ratings in the one star to half star region I am guessing.


Perhaps an opportunity for a new brand?

“Lone Star Ice Cream”?


Health stars on ice cream???
Come on, it’s not actually marketed as a health food is it? It’s dietary rubbish but tastes great so let’s leave it at that and actually search for healthy stuff.


Fair enough. Makes sense.

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Lots of things that aren’t “health food” use the health star rating and some are very low rated. Health Stars are useful not to identify health foods but instead are used to identify health choices eg use a 4 star product over a 2 star similar product. But the system is voluntary so not all products get Stars added to them.

Health Star ratings or a system that rates the choice impact should be mandatory on all food items.


Agree it should be mandatory, although should discretionary not so good choices also be rated?

TimTams are worth 5 or 0.5 stars depending on whether one bothers to look more carefully. But they do get stars, which may be a nod to make one feel better that they can score at all?

I’d put ice cream in the same bad bucket of choices, although some ice like products may be less unhealthy than others?

Not scored, but possibly an alternative providing you only eat one at a time. The small serving size of a single bar is a significant factor.

Streets Blue Ribbon for comparison, suggested serving size 42gm. As if one scoop is ever enough?