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Health Cover for a young healthy single

Has anyone looked at comparitive rates on Health Fund Cover for a young single? We are currently with HCF but everyone seems to think they’re the most expensive. Anyone with any recent experience on price comparisons?

Welcome @rennix to the community.
I have been with HCF for a long time and find them very competetive in pricing. I do check regularly and have yet to find a policy that is not just tax-avoiding junk that convinces me to change.
Have you checked the Choice health comparison tool on their website?


Thanks Gregr. Where can I find the comparison tool please?

On the Choice home page.
Latest reviews, compare health insurance.
But it is for members only.

However there are a number of other comparison web sites that are free to use, as long as you keep in mind that the results are not necessarily complete or unbiased.


The government has its own comparison site

I find it somewhat cumbersome and the Choice tool has some value added bits, such as a ‘complaints score’ and it is easier to tick needs and understand key parts.


So many health insurance companies there I’ve never heard of.