Headlice treatments

I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences on this headlice treatment clinic: https://liceclinicsofaustralia.com.au/treatment-options/

According to the website, Lice Clinics of Australia offers a “one-and-done treatment” that kills lice and eggs through dehydration, and they “guarantee you will leave our clinic lice-free”. Big claims! Apparently the treatment is “FDA-cleared and TGA registered medical device”, but the website is fairly light on detail.

Interested to know if anyone has had any experiences with this kind of headlice treatment.


With our young one at school, we have been told by doctors and information from the Education Dept that the most effective way to remove head lice is with a lice tooth comb.

The process is that hair conditioner is rubbed onto the hair and then the lice comb is used to remove any eggs which have been laid on the hair strands. Some of the adult lice will also be combed out.

The reason for this approach over an insecticide treatment is that it removes all lice over time. Lice have become resistant to many of the insecticide products and it can require multiple treatments of insecticide to also have permanent removal.

Another factor to consider is that it is a child’s head often the insecticide is applied to. I am one not for using insecticides (either synthetic or natural) on our young one’s head.

The method in question is interesting and nothing I have heard of before or that being recommended. Is it full of hot air…or is it really effective?


I’ve heard of using a regular hair dryer to attempt to dehydrate lice, with mixed results. This treatment seems plausible, and certainly attractive.

I’d rather not have my family catch head lice in an attempt to try it out though :joy:


This is the ‘technology’ used at the Lice Clinics of Australia (which appears to be an offshoot of Lice Clinics of America).

I wonder how much the hour long treatment is. There are risks and limitations to its use so if it does work and cost effective, it may not suit everyone.

A lice comb and conditoner by comparison takes about 5-10 minutes per treatment and to remove all louse and eggs over multiple treatments can cost as little as a couple ($10) of dollars.

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Not experienced with this, but the boss lady was a hairdresser. When treating a client with head lice, gloves, hair covered, and full plastic apron was worn on Dept of Health advice because the lice were deemed to be easily transported onto the hairdresser. The gloves and apron were immediately disposed of at the end of the treatment.

I don’t see how the ‘controlled hot air’ could be hot enough to kill 99.2% of the the lice and their eggs and still be tolerated by the client, especially someone of junior years.


When my children were young and getting lice, I discovered by accident that if I blow dried my hair really hot, any itching I had went away. Before that lice loved me! But I never did this with the kids because I don’t think they would tolerate the heat.

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Whether the efficacy of the treatment is 100% or 90% is immaterial if people keep getting reinfected. Having had daughters with long hair, braiding their hair up and teaching them not to hug their mates when the beasties were about saved a lot of treatment. If only snoods could be made fashionable or part of the school uniform.


Hi, we did a similar method when our kids got headlice. It is simple, cheap AND safe treatment that worked every time.

You buy the cheapest conditioner you can find and apply liberally to the hair. I am talking slathered. Then you wrap the hair in plastic glad wrap and wait around 30 minutes to suffocate the blighters and eggs (longer is okay). Comb through hair with a lice comb to remove the eggs and wash the hair.

Never failed us and safer, no harsh poisons on your scalp.


I left feedback about Headlice treatments in the Choice forums back in July 2020 to use hair conditioner and leave on for 30 minutes. I noticed your video also suggests using conditioner but several times over 10 days.

My technique does the job in one go. After liberally covering the hair with conditioner you then wrap the hair and scalp with plastic food wrap and leave on for 30 minutes. Then comb out the dead eggs and headlice. The 30 minutes suffocates the blighters all in one go with no need to repeat.