Have you used the Airline Customer Advocate? What was your experience?

Hello Community. Erin from the Campaigns team here. We’re looking to hear from anyone who used the Airline Customer Advocate service, ideally in the last two years.

If you raised a complaint with the Advocate, what was your experience? If you had a complaint but chose not to use the Advocate, why?



It’s a joke, a holding centre to try and field calls to fair trading, ACCC and NCAT.

Would you elucidate on your experience (eg the problem, how they responded or wasted time, or whatever they did)?

Firstly, did not respond. After repeated follow up, received a stock standard reply which basicly said who they were and did not address issue. By then of course, the time period to effect a credit card chargeback had expired, and Fair Trading said it was not the worth the bother to contact them.

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