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Have you experienced a significant design or quality problem with your caravan?

Hey everyone,
Have you bought a new caravan in the past 24 months? Have you had issues? The ACCC wants to hear from you! And so do we: fill in the survey, and share your story below.

Caravan sales have been booming over the past few years and so have complaints about faults. With overseas travel restrictions, more and more of us are choosing caravans. It’s more important than ever that consumers have strong protections against lemon caravans.

Note: this survey is hosted by the ACCC, so CHOICE won’t see the data you submit. The survey is limited to consumers who purchased their caravan in the last 24 months, but if yours is older, you can share in the thread below or email us at


Can you include RV Campervans/motorhomes as well, as they suffer from exactly the same (lack of) quality, intransigent manufacturers and retailers, etc, issues as caravans.