Have you ever been confused when buying a mattress?

I’ve been looking to buy a mattress and am finding the process confusing. Every store I visit tells me their mattresses are better than the others, no one I can trust will tell me why or what to look for. And it’s hard to know the difference because I can’t exactly take a look inside them. What’s your experience?


Also I have been told very difficult to compare mattresses from store to store because each brand gives a different name for each model depending on the store.

We recently bought our second mattress in 5 years.

We had previously visited many suppliers and finally bought a very firm pocket spring mattress after lying on lots and lots of mattresses. It was a painful experience literally.

At Snooze, the salesman wouldn’t discuss mattresses until we did the test bed, even after I told him I had a very bad back and soft mattresses cause me instant agony. None-the-less he insisted this wouldn’t happen, and would not deviate from his script working up in the firmness even though I repeatedly asked him to start at the firmest. After the first two settings I was in agony and needed help off the bed and out the store. He didn’t even apologise, he didn’t ask if I was alright, he didn’t offer to help, he just walked away. Never will we return to Snooze, even if they were giving stuff away free.

This time we needed another mattress for a guest bed. I looked at second hand mattresses, but gave up when I saw the prices being asked.

Living in a warmer climate, we wanted another very firm pocket spring mattress, I used the Choice mattress survey (https://www.choice.com.au/home-and-living/bedroom/mattresses/articles/satisfaction-survey) as a starting point, then looked at the issue of value for money.

We ended up looking at the Ikea mattresses which were significantly cheaper than the brands with higher owner satisfaction, and had the lowest rate of reported problems.

We bought one of the Ikea mattresses, which came tightly rolled up into a sausage in plastic. While it was the same weight, because of the relative compactness we could take it home ourselves (another cost saving). Consequently, we ended up with a brand new pocket spring mattress for close to the advertised price of many lesser quality mattresses.

The mattress is great, and we would highly recommend giving Ikea a try.


Why did you even persist with the ignorant salesman at Snooze? I would have told him he did not need my business and walked, or asked for the manager to provide a more responsive sales person, noting the manager/franchisee might be the one responsible for the “sales training”.

Snooze stores are franchises so each could offer a varying experience. Some are glued to “the recipe for success script” they bought into, while others realise they have to serve the needs of their prospective customers to succeed and adjust accordingly case by case.


I bought a Koala mattress online and love it more than I’ve ever loved any mattress I’ve ever owned.

Walked into Super Amart and looked for a firm mattress and bought the first one I saw. It was a Sealy and we’re still using it today after about 5 or 6 years. The previous one lasted nearly 20 years. I got a bit of a shock when I found out the base isn’t included in the price these days.

We also bought online x 2.

First was a “spare” for the back room - eBay, Marce Blanc - Queen Mattress - Pocket Spring - EuroTop - 28cm OR 30cm - Latex Memory Foam
We went for 28cm as it was just a “spare” & also the 30/s were not in stock.
Turned out to be actually a very good mattress - would highly recommend if you want something dirt cheap but good value.

The “real” one for us came from Sleeping Duck - these guys give a 100 day trial & get your money back no questions if you don’t like it. Quite firm but they tell you that & it is very good for a bad back. A little on the warm side but any latex is & they try combat that with bamboo covering. All in all very happy.

These types of suppliers cut it down to the most basic choices & we found that & the trial sold us on them after researching & wandering stores looking at offerings in the 1000/s both in style, choice & price!