Have you bought a mattress from Aldi?

Calling all Aldi shoppers!

I’m keen to hear if anyone (or any friends or family) have ever purchased the Aldi Mattress in a Box in any size (https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-9-march/saturday-detail-wk10/ps/p/mattress-in-a-box-queen/).

We’re looking at putting together a content piece ahead of the product going on sale this Saturday as one of Aldi’s Special Buys.

Let me know if you have one and you’re happy to be quoted/peppered with questions.


We have bought a compressed mattress (mattress in a box but not from Aldi. The mattress will over about 24 hours regain its pre-compressed shape.

If you are after a cheap mattress, you possibly will also get a mattress in a box delivered cheaper than the one being sold at Aldi, like this one. It is worth shopping around as often Aldi specials are not real bargains but cater for impulsive buyers.

Choice has recently looked into mattresses including the mattress in a box types and provides some recommendations for selecting a mattress:

They have also reviewed different mattresses (member content):

The Aldi matress also only has 1 year warranty, which is extremely low and may say something about the expected life of the product. Many other mattress in a box retailer have very long warranties, such as Ikea have warranties as long as 25 years, but around 10 years is the norm.

The challenge with buying a mattress untested (namely lying on a mattress in a shop) is it may not meet your mattress preference (softness, support etc) and once home, one is reluctant to take it back for a swap or refund. If you do proceed with purchasing the Aldi matress, make sure your find out about their change of mind policy for the mattress just in case you do get it home and find out that it does not suit your needs/preferences for a good night sleep. Many mattress in the box type retailers allow exchange mattresses (‘free trial’) when the first one delivered does not suit (see the first Choice link above).


I’ve always factored the warranty in as a key indicator of vendor confidence in their own product, which in turn is also a trade-off with price and convenience (in original purchase, disposal and replacement ‘effort’). Which is to say I agree … and one year for a mattress? thats one change of sheets for my kids !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: they could throw the whole rancid lot out in one hit!

Edited to add: no haven’t bought one - nearest Aldi is 1500k away …


It is a huge leap of faith to buy a mattress without first trying it, even if for a few minutes. I just don’t see that Aldi would be happy with people unfurling the mattresses to have a try out.

And if you don’t like it or there’s something wrong? Imagine having to trot in to an Aldi store in 6 or 12 months time with a full size mattress to ask for a refund. Joking surely?

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How did the Aldi mattress fare? Find out in @Pru’s article here:


Swarms of people at our local Aldi today. The King siZe frames and mattresses were walking out the door.


Damn clever… do they assemble themselves when you’ve walked them home?


Just happened to visit a Aldi yesterday (Mt Gravatt/Garden City in Brisbane), and appears these ones have sore feet, as there were heaps in the store.

I noticed the boxes have wheels which allow easier transport to ones car…maybe these ones had their feet left at the factory?


Funny guys :slight_smile: The Fletcher ones had runners on!


no wonder they were going out the door so fast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some fresh comment on Aldi’s mattress in a box:


I haven’t purchased an aldi one but i see plenty of the box ones advertised everywhere. They all say 10 years warranty. Im a bit dubious of the warranty they offer on these mattress. Why bother having a warranty if they are going to exclude wear and tear. I will stick to buying in store when I need a new one. Old style springs… I wonder what you guys think about carbon neutral matress. I seen ones, advertising are carbon neutral. Must mean they are made using carbon alternatives for power.


More likely the manufacturer has a carbon offset + green energy program.

Once upon a time.

Wool and cotton.
Kapok in linen.
Straw in flax cloth.

All able to be hand produced, with the last two able to offset some of the carbon used in producing and delivering.


Lots of matress in those boxes are advertising on Facebook i keep getting swarmed with advertising.