Have you been hit with the 'pink' tax?

UK supermarket giant Tesco recently announced to drop the price of pink razors so that they match their blue counterparts. However, we see similar problems here in Australia, from kids toys to personal products.

Have you been hit with a ‘pink’ tax? Let us know in the comments below.

Listen to CHOICE’s @KateBrowne discuss the ‘pink’ tax issue on ABC 24.

I mentioned on your facebook page that I do the shopping and I’m disgusted by the price of womens sanitary items. As far as I’m concerned it’s a necessity and should naturally have the GST removed. I reckon even with the GST removed they’re still pretty pricey items to buy especially if you have a household full of females, which lucky I don’t.
Some brainiac came up with the idea that I should start my own business making them instead of complaining about it :joy: