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Hasbro's baby dragon

My child received the hasbro’s furreal baby dragon as a christmas present this year. The next day it had stopped doing most of its functions now only flashes different colors. It doesn’t open wings. it doesn’t close eyes. Has no phases at all. I googled it to trouble shot without luck but did discover that half the reviews I read didnt recommend product due to similar issues. Now it’s an issue of taking the faulty toy back to big w but it was gifted from my mother who paid cash and now has no idea where it receipt is. So I have no proof of purchase. What are my options as the toy is obviously faulty and it’s an issue many other customers have had with the same product


Hi @Kaylamarie, welcome to the community and for your first post.

While I can’t speak for Big W, some of the major retailers will accept returned Christmas presents without receipts. Usually in such case they won’t give a refund, but either exchange or store credit.

Alternative to a receipt is if an Everyday Rewards card was used at purchase, this can be sufficient evidence for Big W. Your mother in such case just needs to give you a copy of her online Everyday
Rewards account showing the day points were accumulated (this could be a pdf or printout of the screenshot providing it shows the card number). The card number may also suffice. Big W can track down the purchase info based on this.


I’m pretty sure big w are O.k without receipt