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Has anyone used Laundry Detergent Strips instead of powder or liquid?

I’ve tried Tru-Earth laundry strips and am mostly happy with them. Wondering if anyone else can share their experience of these or similar (eg Dizolve).


I just saw them advertised and wondered how they went.

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I just came across and add for laundry strips. Basically dehydrated laundry liquid that comes in packs of 32 and reduces plastic waste.

I would be very interested to see how they compare to other more usual products.


Yes, I’ve been using laundry strips for over a year. I started with the ones from Canada (TruEarth) but have now found some from Melbourne (SpaceWhite) so that makes me happier about the fewer ‘food miles’.

I started using them because I wanted to reduce plastic containers and have been very happy with them. Also, they are much easier to use than laundry liquid or powder.

Has any one tried the new ECO washing strips ( available on line ) currently advertising on facebook ( tru earth) with a very catchy advert


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The only comment to date is the following, that might be helpful.

As for being advertised on Facebook, that can be far from an authoritative reference or safe purchase in the general case, noting FB Marketplace seems closer to the American wild west than to the likes of ebay or amazon or known online vendors. Regardless of the product I would seek out another supply given a choice (no pun intended) in case the purchase goes wrong for whatever reason…


While it would be great for Choice to test and see if it is better than washing in water. I must admit I am a little dubious as the strips weight in at 3 grams (or 3 grams per wash).

Most commercial powder or liquid washes require about 40-70mL/g per wash (noting that Choice found that many widely available liquids/powders may perform well at around 50% of the recommended manufacture dosage). If we assume a 50% dosage, it is still around 20-35mL/g per wash…or about 7-12 times that which the strips weigh. Something doesn’t seem quite right (especially since the detergent industry has removed fillers and most of their products are now classed as concentrates).


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I think there has been another post - more recently than the current one, and the above link - on the same topic: my interest was piqued, because I hadn’t heard of laundry strips prior to then.

UPDATE: the most recent comments (6d ago) on the above topic, was what I remembered.


Thanks for that. I missed that topic. Cheers,


My social media feed has recently come up with ads for washing machine ‘sheets’ or ‘strips’ to replace liquid or powder. Touted as being eco friendly as it removes plastic bottles from the waste cycle, and transports more easily, I am tempted to try but unsure how well the product would work.
Has anyone tried these?

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I have moved your question to an existing thread where the same question has already been asked. You should have a look at the answers, especially those by @PhilT (post #5) & @phb (post #6).


So as I see it:
Less plastic (I used powder in cardboard), less transporting to supposedly be “recycled”
Less weight for less greenhouse gases in transport to seller


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The question remains unanswered by Community members as to how they work getting clothes clean in the laundry.

Can you add to that?