Has anyone heard about Code Trader?

Hi, firstly i am not very “techical”. I read an article supposedly from the today show (which I watch all the time) and it showed Richard Wilkins endorsing the above company as to how he has made millions. It was so controversial that channel 9 ended the discussion about Code Trader live. I know that too good to be true means just that, however i thought I’ll just read what they are about on thier website. Stupidly I put my email address and phone number down as that was the only way to look further. Reading about them definately threw out heaps of read flags so I exited the site. Oh boy, in the last 24 hours ive had to spam/block nearly 30 phone numbers (all different) and they just keep calling back. They seem to have an endless supply of numbers!! I wasnt silly enough to part with any money (dont have any to spare) & I think if I had it could have ended badly for my bank account. This showed me for sure they’re too good to be true. I havent had tech that long but this has taught me a lesson, thank goodness not a financial one. Has anyone else come across this “company?”. Thankyou.


This reminds me of ads that would appear in monthly magazines selling a horse racing betting system. If you actually had a system that would reliably make a profit betting on horses or the stockmarket the last thing you would do is tell anybody about it. Having such a system you would quietly play it until you were wealthy and then quietly spend your money.

However the next best thing if you don’t have such a system is to sell it to people for $100 a month. Then, no matter what the system actually does, if you have a few thousands marks (sorry customers) you can retire and quietly spend your money.

This approach is a sure thing if you can make enough people believe it and stay out of jail. We could call it The Donald System, as he has millions of believers and as yet remains free.

You can make more money by on-selling the personal details of clients.

One other little detail to think about. They claim that if you do business with them it is all subject to Netherlands’ law. I don’t know if they can make it stick legally but I bet it won’t make getting any legal redress from them any easier, should it be required.



This is one of the many scams rife on the internet to scam those who are

to ‘invest’ and lose what monies they do hand over. Any celebrity endorsed 'investment schemes are scams. They use the credibility of celebrities to sell their scams.

You are extremely lucky you cottoned on before sending them any money. Just hope the scammer calls disappear shortly and your number doesn’t end up on a call list for scammers. If it does, an option maybe to change to another mobile number. Change mobile number is a real pain if the phone is used for two factor authentication etc.


If you have the ‘silence unknown callers’ function on your mobile, turn it on for a while until they get sick of being silenced and stop calling.

Go to Settings>Phone>Silence unknown numbers>Toggle: On.

With phone numbers which are not in my address book (unknown) my phone doesn’t ring but a text follows showing the phone number of the missed call. I can then check if it’s genuine, but usually it’s spam.


Thankyou for your reply. I do feel stupid for even looking to see what they were about. I don’t part with money easily, so that probably helped plus thier other “clients” raved on so much about how good they were and how much money they made, it just smelled fishy. You hit the nail on the head (and cracked me up) regarding the Donald scam. These are all versions of ponzy schemes I think?? Thanks again.


No, they are scams. They are very different to Ponzi schemes as Ponzi schemes reward early investors with quick returns to suck more investors into the scheme. Cryptocurrencies are often compared to Ponzi schemes. With scams, everyone loses their money.

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Thanks for your suggestion but it doesn’t look like my phone has that ability. They sent me an email and I told them to explicitly leave me alone. I mentioned I was getting advice on where to report them to and so far, I haven’t had anymore phone calls (fingers crossed).:blush:


What company are you mentioning? Bitcoin trading maybe?

We have that turned on on our phones too, Gaby. An excellent feature.

The company is called Code Trader and yes it’s regarding bit coins. Apparently after you part with $379(I think that was the amount) then an AI works out algorithms for you to make money. It’s supposed to turn you’re $379 into $2000 in a month, as long as you keep leaving you’re profits to roll over. You can pull some of the money out and roll over the rest. The only reason I went onto the website was because the initial thing I saw was on channel nine (on my tablet) and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just look what they were about, how wrong I was.
Thankfully since I replied to thier email politely but very definitively, telling them to please leave me alone, they have. I had one missed call this morning on my phone which is far better that the barrage of calls I had the day before.
I appreciate the replies I got from you guys.


Well if that is the company name, they are in the ‘dark web’. Not searchable by search engines.

You would have never seen your money again.

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Is this not it?

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Possibly, but that is not ‘code trader’. And if one was to search on that string, you would not find ‘thecodetrader’ website. At least not in Google.
But moot point as my browser rejects this site as it does not have a valid PK certificate.

Wow you just gave me chills…thankyou. I will be much more careful about who gets my details. The internet can be wonderful place but it can also be terrible, especially when you are not the most tech savvy person. As always the “too good to be true” rule of thumb is as correct as ever.
Once again, thankyou.
I didn’t understand most of your second reply, lol!!

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The site linked is about algorithmic trading, the mark pays a monthly fee to get stockmarket buy and sell recommendations.

There are two types of Web site. Unsecure (the protocol is HTTP, and pretty rare these days for legitimate sites), and secure using HTTPS. The S at the end means secured by public key cryptography. Your browser will show you it is a secure Web site with a lock symbol or something similar.

My browsers Chrome and Firefox check the certificate presented by the site, and try to validate it with the public key authority that signed it. Like Verisign.

That bitcoin trading site does not pass the check. The certificate expired 65 days ago.

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Is the site you went to codetrader.com. or thecodetrader.com? If neither what is it?


The name is trader.com and I got the name from the email that was sent to me from someone called Jullie Allen, accounts manager.
I also went and looked for the article I saw on line that was about Richard Wilkins endorsing the company. That has, of course disappeared and an article about it being a scam is there. All this makes me seem more and more stupid.
You live and learn and I’m thankful I didn’t put any money down.
Oops sorry, it’s tradercode.com.

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I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, it is a scam.

Basic checks confirms this. An example being the first ‘team member’ listed…


The photo has been pinched from a real person with very different bio…

There are many other signals as well.

As I said above,

Richard Wilkins is also a victim of the scam…as the scammers are using his name/reputation as bait, luring the unsuspecting into their trap.

Hopefully @Pachy raising this scam here, prevents others becoming victims to Code Trader, is a simple internet search is done.

This will be part of the scam. Using other potentially legitimate business names in their scams to try an improve their authenticity. Along with using

a simple search using these terms comes up with hits for someone working in banking/finance, again to establish credibility with the scam, should a simple internet search be done.

But the scammers aren’t smart, as their previous rouse

has been reported as a scamming website.


Ok. If it was tradercode, at least they tell you.

“We work with multiple third parties and may transfer your personal details not only to the company described in the website, but also to other third parties, including nonaffiliated business partners in the cryptocurrency field, and transfer or disclose your personal details for their business or commercial purposes. These third parties may use this information to contact you or to carry out their own business and commercial purposes.There are some options that the trader can trade -by software, by human brokers, by himself and it’s his responsibility to choose and decide what is the right way for him to trade.”