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Hands Free/ Bluetooth for Cars

OK, so we all know it’s naughty to hold your phone whilst driving. Spare a thought for those of us who have cars which do not have bluetooth capability.If I have an incoming call whilst driving I have 2 choices - let it go to MSG Bank or try and find a place to pull over and turn off the engine and take the call. Can anyone suggest any blue tooth devices which may be able to plug into the “cigarette lighter” (yes my car has one of those also).


I too have a car with none of King Harald’s coloured teeth :wink:

You can buy BT earpiece/microphones. If you have the phone set to auto answer, you don’t need to touch it for incoming calls. The battery in the unit I have lasts many hours, so no need to use any car power.


No experience but google shows there are many on the market. A few hits

All translate the bluetooth phone connection to an FM signal for your radio to play.

Many of these (and these could be included) are primarily to play music from your phone or ipod/ipad/tablet so look for confirmation they work for two way communications on your phone. Things to look for include confirming an onboard microphone and depending on your needs an on/off switch of its own. Some seem to rely on the phones own microphone but maybe not. The Jaycar link above has the best info re what to look for.

If you peruse the google returned offerings you should see some that may appeal.


Thank you for the info. I went to the first one mentioned - Jaycar and that is almost perfect. Going into town tomorrow to the local retail store.


Thank you for the info and humour.


Maybe a good test for Choice to do…with the readily available ones.


My vehicles with 4 wheels have all had the sound system replaced - approximate cost $130-150 in each case. In each case the unit has Bluetooth and a microphone that can be wired to the dash or pillar, subject to airbags/etc - some internal. In two cases I didn’t go for disc, just media player - in all cases it beat the pants off the standard audio system.

Locally, Supercheap and Repco often have sales of these units. I’m sure in other places there are similar sales with Autobahn etc. You can get them as cheap as $90 (Supercheap has a Pioneer at that price, but internal mike). You can also purchase wiring loom adapters to make the install to the car ‘lug and play’ so to speak, in my experience about $35 for the pair needed.

It does take a bit of installing, and only suits cars with the standard ISO 7736/DIN 75490 size (rectangular profile).

For my two wheel vehicles, its way to much fun to be out on the road to bother taking calls :slight_smile:

** I have no connection with the companies mentioned other than being an occasional customer at whichever is the cheapest at the time.