Hand held umbrella

I noticed hand held umbrellas currently have no reviews. I recently purchased a brand of umbrella called blunt. They guarantee that it has been tested in a wind tunnel approx 70 km phr. I have used it a few times in windy weather or heavy rain. Seems to hold up but no actual test be choice as yet. When looking around lots of brands are available online varying prices.


Good idea! I’d be interested in that too. Not high tech but a very useful item to have on hand.


I agree - so many cheapies available on the market at point-of-sale, most higher quality ones are online or in high end department stores (a breed in danger of extinction). Hard to make an informed choice when you can’t really compare anything but price.

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It’s quite stupid the price. I got conned into buying a blunt umbrella because it says that they can withstand high wind gusts. Not sure how true it is. Im not so sure they can justify the price. Some of the other ones they sell are more expensive. Time will tell if the construction lasts. They also have a limited warranty which confuse me. Anyway many other brands charged just as much as the one i purchase.

blunt is not cheap.
Would be interested in such a test

Very expensive. Looking at the price, one could buy dozen(s) of cheaper non-named umbrellas for the same price. The umbrellas need to be almost bulletproof at those prices (and last many decades) to make them a worthy investment (financially and to reduce umbrella waste).

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Bjt other umbrellas i looked at were still expensive. My last one was still 30 dollars it snapped off underneath because it was cheap. I doubt they ever make a durable umbrella and it is only going to landfill. Manufacturers only want sales. A 10 dollar one is no better i find. I wouldn’t recommend a blunt to anyone. I havnt compared a cheaper unbranded umbrella. Maybe i should do my own testing try some high winds. Id love to see choice using a wind tunnel to test. Imagine cheaper ones would be failing probably wouldn’t have a quality one to pass.

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I wonder if an umbrella serves any purpose at all in a strong wind? I fold my $15 special up, and rely on a weather proof hooded jacket.

If the wind is too powerful for the umbrella it seems but a token when it fails to keep the other 80% dry. What’s the best way to keep dry in driving rain?


Aside from only keeping your top dry it becomes an injury risk to you or somebody nearby.

A rainsuit of coat and pants. Go to a work-wear shop for the good stuff. Maybe not suitable if you wear skirts but in that case if going out in high wind and rain you already have a problem if both hands are occupied handling the umbrella so the suit could be lesser of two weevils.


Honestly i have no idea how to keep dry. A jacket is probably better. Even when it is pouring an umbrella is useless the wind gets underneath it. Pulling it up. Do you know what a limited warranty is.?

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Limited usually means it is conditional.

I use a hooded storm raincoat in windy weather. From about the knees/thighs up.


As @phb noted, it’s conditional.
If you have a moment to share what Blunt provided in writing re your warranty, some may offer further comment.

I had a skim through the Blunt AU website which is also the redirection from the international option.

The Blunt warranty from the online web site.
There is no mention of conditional. The intent of 15.3 “returns must be approved at Madeblunt’s discretion”, is open to discussion/debate.

For products that display with prices on line from $109 up to $199, none are budget buys. Is it a good umbrella?

Looking at individual products on line I could not see any alternate warranty details, such as ‘those if any specified by the manufacturer’. Whether the requirements of ACL are met is a further consideration?


I have been using a folding Shelta for years and years - it lives in my daypack. The quality is great, and sadly no longer available ( a number of friends covet it ).

For windy days, my partner and I have a couple of $10 ‘wind-proof’ ALDI golf umbrellas. They are the type with the double-skin vent at the top. For moderately gusty winds they’re OK, being easier to hang onto and not prone to turning the spokes back on themselves. For gale force winds, forget it.

With rainy weather in Sydney at the moment, I’m perversely happy with the COVID restrictions, as it gives me an extra excuse to drive to work, rather than spend 30 minutes walking through rain squalls.


Regarding blunt saying they test them in wind tunnel. Its disputable what that proves to me. Maybe they say it to make it seem like its better quality. But generally most umbrella fail my last one i threw out was sharp when tbe support arms broke. Cant believe that.

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Possibly not a lot as this is there wind tunnel test…

In relation to a umbrella flipping inside out, the website states…

Will it blow inside out?

No, our stick umbrellas shouldn’t blow inside out. However, there is the exception of our collapsible Metro model which may flip inside out in certain winds but it has been designed so that if it does, it can be easily flipped back without damaging the structure!

They shouldn’t but they could? But one can.

While they indicate the umbrellas have a 2 year warranty, their website also states…

Subject to any non-excludable provisions in the Competition and Consumer Act, 2010 (Australia),Madeblunt expressly disclaims any implied or express warranties or conditions of any kind, including warranties of merchantable quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights relating to information or materials accessible from or on this Site.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws in force in New South Wales, Australia and you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia and any courts, which may hear appeals from those courts. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions derogates from Madeblunt’s right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Site or information provided to or gathered by Madeblunt with respect to that use.

So from a layperson’s perspective, they have a 2 year warranty for goods sold through their website, but, they disclaim any implied warranties that exist. They also appear to only resolve issues in NSW as it is NSW laws that apply, and any issues appear only to be resolved through a court. And it only appears they respond to law enforcement requests and requirements.

What about the ACCC, Offices of Fair Trading and such like which aren’t law enforcement agencies. I assume they ignore them or their orders.

Section 15 of their T&Cs are also worth reading. The return of faulty goods seems to be inconsistent with the intent of the ACL…that being a consumer incurs all postage costs and risks, and they can chose not to accept delivery of return goods.

Where are the clear consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law? One would expect this to be clearly stated rather than some legal gobbledygook.

Reading this and other terms and conditions, I am not sure I would spend any of my hard earned cash on one of their expensive umbrellas…as they might try and use the terms and conditions (bluff their way) to dissolve any product issues that arise.


Maybe their T&Cs need referral to the ACCC to be checked for compliance with the ACL requirements.

I think some of the statements they make would leave them as unenforceable and in contention with the ACL.


After i purchased it i was using it in the wind was a bit gusty. It seemed to be still in original condition. But tell me they surely cannot know how strong the wind is, wherever i happen to be. Anyway as you say it seems as if the warranty is to suit their needs. I thought other ber warranties were worse for example I’ve heard Apple is, shocking to understand.

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Gusty outdoor wind, which can rapidly change in direction and speed is very different to a constant speed and direction in a wind tunnel. I wonder if their wind tunnel test correlates well with real life outdoor weather conditions.


Good question. I know what you mean about the wind outside it usually swirls around. So yeah that’s different to how they test it. Either way its not accurate.