Gripe about Private Hospitals

I agree, that there should be a rebate if a private room is unavailable. Paying big $$$.

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I totally agree. I have been told by Bupa (end of last year) that if you go to one of their ā€œPreferred hospitalsā€ you are always entitled to a private room, (that means that I now have to find a doctor that operates in the ā€œpreferred hospitalā€ ( ridiculous, but if the hospital can not supply same they have to refund me $50 per day.
I have been a member of Bupa since 1959 and not once was I told of this condition.

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I am wondering when did Private Hospitals decide that TV and radio do not need head sets. (I suspect cost of supplying headsets is the issue here) I just spend 3 terrible days in a shared private hospital room. One patient had the tv or the radio on almost 24/7 inflicting the noise on me. The other would talk loudly on their mobile almost all the time.
So you can appreciate I had major surgery and recovering and in pain and I had to put up with the noise, not very helpful when you are trying to rest. I did mention this to the nurse in charge, but unfortunately nothing was done.
Years ago no hospital private or public would allow TVs or radios without headsets. As hospital were quiet areas. There were no mobiles then but surely there could be some rules made.


If it is planned surgery and going to a private hospital you can negotaite with the surgeon re the fees. My Health fund which is Navy Health sent me details about how to do this and the insurance cover of extra fees that doctors can sign up to. I also spoke to my anaesthisist before I went under. I had a hip replacement and the only extra I was charged was for some Panamax. I did not have to pay my excess as I had already done this earlier in the year when I unexpedtedly had to go to call the ambulance as I was in extreme pain and in overnight at local hospital for bursitus.