Greyed items are very hard to distinguish from black items

Would you consider using colours to indicate read items? A greyed item is very hard to distinguish from black when the background is white using your current font. An alternative would be to change to a heavier font which would make the difference between grey and black more noticeable.

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Hi @PaulB – thanks for your feedback. Let’s see what we can do…

OK, I’ve just switched the site to a typeface that has more weights, to help us make these distinctions more clearly, and made unread article titles bolder.

I also noticed that most of the black text on the site was actually specified as very dark grey. I’ve changed that to true black now, which should help with contrast a bit.

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Thanks for fixing that little problem so quickly and so late at night. It could have waited but I’m impressed nevertheless :smile:


It’s a pleasure. We want to make this a place that really works well for you, and your feedback helps us do that.