Greenslips quotes all over the shop

I received an email renewal notice from NRMA for my greenslip insurance. $748. I went to and the quote for NRMA was $467.96. QBE was better at $449.32, so I started to apply for that but the website didn’t work (pop ups related). So I went to the QBE’s website and entered my details and they quoted about $200 higher (I can’t remember exactly). So I went back to QBE via the new gov website with a new browser and got the first, low price.

This kind of variation is outrageous. If I had just used the “convenience” of NRMA sending me the renewal notice I would have been $300 out of pocket. Has this been investigated in any way?



Well done on your diligence :slight_smile:

There are quit a few references to the ‘lazy tax’ as related to insurance and utilities across the .community. Your experience seems at the extreme but typical.

The message has been and remains that everyone should shop around each renewal period, no matter what the product or service may be, from insurance to utilities to software or magazine subscription renewals, et al.

Pricing such things is a classic case of caveat emptor.


My registration is due at the beginning of December. The (snail mail) greenslip renewal premium is the same as the online quote. Could your problem be the fact that your quote came via email?


Is the period for renewal the same…e.g. 6 months v 12 months?

Paying for multiple shorter durations can be more expensive.


Thanks for the responses - I wasn’t expecting people to be into consumer rights so fervently on a Sunday afternoon!

There are quit a few references to the ‘lazy tax’ as related to insurance

<<I’m not sure I’d put this in the “lazy tax” category, as I actively sought out different websites and browsers to seek out lower quotes. However I completely agree with your advice that we need to be aware that this exists. Unfortunately.>>

Is the period for renewal the same…e.g. 6 months v 12 months?

<<Yes, all quotes are for 12 months>>

Could your problem be the fact that your quote came via email?

<<I have no idea, but this reeks of a rort. I’ve been with NRMA and also NRMA insurance (on and off) for years. If they have this level of disregard for their members and loyal customers, I don’t think they deserve such loyalty back!>>


I call it the ‘stupid tax’ - and no thats not a dig at others, I’ve kicked myself for being stupid in the past :wink:

I had cause to do battle with Greenslip/CTP a couple of years ago - bought a bike interstate and flew there to ride it home on a permit - what an amazing hassle that was - the permit would have cost a couple hundred dollars in the state I bought it, including a ridiculous CTP amount, yet could buy the time I needed just over the border and get away with just one day permit in the departure state for a fraction of the cost! This was my first experience dealing with having a choice of CTP provider (and unregistered vehicle permits).

I wonder whether, after shopping around, choice in CTP saves money? My 1400cc shopping trolley (car) costs $700 - other car nearly 900$ and both bikes nearly $900 each … all adds up! and no choice of CTP…


Being insured by both NRMA and QBE, as well as in relation to greenslips (for bike and car), will definitely be checking more closely when the renewals are due. Thank you for the information.


For those in Queensland, the Queensland State Government has a CTP calculator developed by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. It can be found here:


I don’t stick to the same insurer. I now shop around with each renewal and go for the cheapest cost at equal benefits. I have found the lowest price plus the new customer price give a lower total cost than getting the so-called bonus for loyalty.


After receiving a reminder email from Amanda W, Manager Customer Service, that included a link to the renewal website (with the original price there in all its glory), I responded:

Dear Amanda

Thank you for the reminder. However, given NRMA’s renewal fee of $748.29, I’m afraid I won’t ever be insuring with NRMA again. After receiving the email with the amount stated, I went to and the quote for NRMA was $467.96. QBE was better at $449.32. I started quite an animated discussion about this on the Choice Community discussion forums, so others are aware of this malpractice.

This is certainly not the way to conduct ethical and customer-focused business.

Good day.

Philip (Surname)


I just renewed mine last week. I went straight to the greenslips site and the NRMA quote was $467.96, same as @phil1 - by far the cheapest, so I bought it. I did go there before getting any renewal reminders. I wonder I’d waited, if that would have said $748 too? I am still yet to renew the comprehensive insurance (also with NRMA) and have a renewal email with a quote for that, so I’ll be looking to compare that with what is quoted online (both NRMA and other providers).


All greenslip users need to become more aware that these are the same insurance companies which have been so heavily criticised by the Royal Commission, so we can all expect cute tricks to keep us paying more, and complications to stop us from taking up their “special offers” or at least make it more inconvenient for us.