Green Tea Extract Risks

An article regarding the dangers of consuming green tea extract.


Thanks for sharing this @Fred123, I’ll be sure to highlight it to my colleagues who look into food issues. CHOICE also had a look into green tea from a weight loss perspective and found that research indicates “a modest - but not always statistically significant - positive effect for some groups of people, which suggests that more research is needed.”


It appears that it is not the tea extract per say, but the concentration/addition of compounds and very long term use can pose a risk to some. Some reports that the high level of some of the compounds (some which one may believe are beneficial and caffeine) in the extracts may be the problem. It however still seems to be a work in progress.

I suppose it is like most things, in moderation with a balanced diet, possibly not an issue. But long term over ingestion can create toxicities.

As green tea extract is ‘claimed’ to assist with weight management and suspect that many consumer may be taking the extract thinking it is safe, it is something worth being aware of. Having more hoping that it works better may also not be a good thing.