Greater accountability for our economy

Does anyone think that by having superannuation for all Australia’s and pensions for politicians is not only unfair but also makes them less accountable for the economy. If they also have some skin in the game (only a superanuation, which they need to contribute to) then they will be more accountable for Australia’s economy. At the moment public servents who get a pension at the cost of tax payers don’t really need to care what happens to the economy while the people who’s taxes they take to prop them up do. If Australia’s government was to make poor decisions which destroy the values of our superanuation then their retirement should be harmed as well. Also if they change laws to take more out of our superanuation to prop up pensions and government spending then those laws should also hurt them too. The way the system is at the moment it really doesn’t matter what happens to our superanuation because they will be ok no matter what. Seems pretty unfair. they can have 9% just like everyone else and add more if they won’t and if they invest in a seedy money manager then that’s also what we face, good incentive I feel. What’s other people’s thought ?

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I believe our super funds would be better served in building Australian projects and infrastructure than being loaned to the overseas corporate bodies building edifices of grander, like the City of London using it to build grand design inner city housing for the rich.
Use it around Au to maintain jobs security and long time investments, most of it is being funneled overseas by Turnbills old banking mates… CHECK IT OUT, SEE FOR YOURSELVES

Great, worth thinking about as well. I wil look into this. Thanks