Great companion for the budding musician

From a young age music has been a very important part of my life . I started off as a brass player , Flugel horn , until an accident at 23 years of age put an end to that .

Five years was to pass before my mother purchased a Roland keyboard for me . I could play bass guitar well and could find my way around the 6 string Guitar and Mandolin fret boards with some efficiency .

The keyboard was great until I hit a brick wall as far as advancing my musical ability playing it . An old musical friend gave me a copy of the book this topic concerns . The book on the left . It is nearly thirty years old . Last week I ordered a new copy from the Book Depository .

Getting that book opened up a whole new way of looking at and learning music . If you are not into music you will read no further . The first chapter in the book is subtitled " How Not To Play Piano " :grinning: It is not a book for everybody but it does what it sets out to do . Teachers you how to make music . It helped me with guitar and mandolin too .

If you’re a muso a must have book .


Looks like a good book. Extensive explanations of what they are saying. Thanks for the tip Mike @vax2000.


Anytime Tamas @meltam .All part of the service. :grinning: