Government management fees

My mother has had a$10 water license for some years this year the Sa. Government has added a $200 fee for managing the license .is this fair?

Without knowing the why and with what authority it’s hard to judge the fairness. Most governments these days have adopted a ‘user pays’ approach to nearly every community service. So what does this fee cover? On the surface it looks to be a gouge but maybe the charge for previous years has been grossly understated and this is a catch up. Could also be a money grab, after all 'let them complain and see how far they get" could be their mantra.

I don’t know what having a water licence entails, however, if the licence costs only $10.00 it is hard to envisage why it would cost $200.00 to “manage” it. What does that mean anyway. If it didn’t cost before why does it cost now, and why so much? Sounds like your local member might be able to answer your query, “User Pays” just doesn’t do it for me. We pay State and Federal taxes, not to mention the GST and still user pays, how many times are we supposed to pay? The word extortion tends to jump to mind.

Thankyou we’ve got till the end if the month to pay. I’ll let Mum think on our next move.