GoPro Fulfillment Failures

After research including CHOICE (as first stop). Made a decision to purchase GoPro Hero 10. After 11 days not received, am told by UPS that shipment has not left Singapore, interestingly originally received an alert to say it would be delivered before 7:00PM on Nov 09.
Frustration is that despite numerous efforts for both call back and live chat have not been able to contact anybody at GoPro. I did receive one E-mail telling me they could not call me and that I should try Live Chat.

I have now tried to “return” order never received and they are telling me they do not recognize my order. I am out of pocket nearly $700 and cannot get intouch with anybody at GoPro.



We bought a GoPro Hero 3+ Black in 2014 and it was the worst technology product that we have ever bought.

After perserving with the piece of garbage for years as a third rate dash cam, the USB socket broke off the PCB which is apparently common place.

I relocated it to its proper place in the wheelie bin and bought a DrivePro 550 which works great.

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What company did you purchase it from?

When orders are placed it is common for them to show an ambit delivery date. Did UPS show a tracking number or respond that there is no record?

If the company have replied in writing they have no record of your order, supported by the UPS response nothing has been shipped, immediately contact your card issuer for a chargeback of your $700 for items not received.

You will receive an initial credit for the $700 on the account pending resolution with the company you purchased it from. It will resolve either with the company finding your order that was inexplicably in progress, or your getting a permanent refund if they cannot produce evidence they had your order and shipped it.

Keep all your email documentation until you have final resolution. The chargeback gets your money, but not a GoPro Hero 10.

Plz post how you go.


I am informed that Australia is not receiving parcels from USPS from some of my angling gear suppliers in the US . No reason given but maybe UPS is being delayed as well . The problem is apparently emanating from the Australian end .


The parcel delay was originally announced because of lack of capacity (air and sea freight) and a growing backlog.

They are more forthcoming about Auspost than Auspost.