Google Pixel 6 Pro Review

Here’s our Google Pixel 6 Pro Review. If you have a Google Pixel phone, share your thoughts below.


I do not understand the table about features. It states of the Pixel 6 Pro:

4k video in selfie mode (max 1080p)

So does it do 4K (generally around 3860 x 1440) or just 1080p (1920 x 1080)?

In the meantime, I’m just sitting back and waiting for Samsung to announce that it’s moving all of its products to Tizen.


Would that be the same Tizen that Samsung use to force feed advertising over it’s TV products?

Yes, The adverts can be turned off in a setting, assuming the option remains.

$1,000+ for any brand of mobile is too much, even if like me you stretch 4, 5 or more years out of a device. It also needs to fit in the average male pocket with room to spare. iPhone 8 is about as large as I would go.


I like big pockets and I cannot lie. In fact, where needed I get my pockets deepened by a local tailor in order to fit all of the junk I carry around - including a large phone.


Well spotted @postulative. The 1080p comment was an error that should now be fixed :+1:


In specs as I write:

  • Rear camera: Standard, ultrawide and telephoto lenses max 4x optical, 20x digital zoom. 50MP max resolution. Video max 4K/1080p 60FPS.
  • Selfie camera: Standard and ultrawide lenses. Video max 4K 30FPS/1080p 60FPS.

The selfie specs make sense, but also make the reader puzzle about the rear camera specs. What is the frame rate for 4K video using the rear camera - is it different to the frame rate for 1080p?

Actually, I was worried this may be a Google omission but the Google store tells me:

Rear camera
4K video recording at 30 FPS, 60 FPS

1080p video recording at 30 FPS, 60 FPS

Front camera
4K video recording at 30 FPS

1080p video recording at 30 FPS, 60 FPS

So both cameras can do video at 4K and at 1080p. The selfie camera can only do 4K at 30fps, but can do 1080p at either 30fps or 60fps. The rear camera can do 4K and 1080p at either 30fps or 60fps.

It’s all coming together. The specs per the review are correct but are still IMHO likely to cause confusion.


For me a truly dreadful phone please don’t buy one.
Media audio periodically dies (every couple of days and the alarm volume has randomly decided to go to zero. So I’m missing events.
No matter what’s good this is the sort of stuff that was eluded to my folk that had had one for three months and now it’s my experience. Tried to return it but I was at day 25 and they only recognise 15 day returns.
Buy anything but a Pixel Pro 6

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Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is what should be used in determining if a problem is retailer/manufacturer responsibility. If a product is faulty then you have rights to repair, replace, or refund that vary with the severity of the issue.

You purchased the product with the expectation that it would operate properly (from the marketing, sales advice, what it was described as), then this may be considered a major fault and in that case it is the consumer’s choice of remedy including a refund. You may need to go formal in your approach by writing/emailing to the retailer and requesting the refund. There are templates provided by the ACCC and CHOICE to help create the letter/email. Many links exist on this site and can easily be searched for.

Don’t be fobbed off with their efforts to avoid responsibility that is required by the ACL.

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Seems very much a software issue. Have you contacted Google support to get help with this sound problem?
Could be there is a fix available for download, or it may be a settings issue.

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Hi @underwun, welcome to the community.

This fix is reported to work for some users of Google Pixel 6:

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Clock > Storage > Clear Storage AND Clear Cache. It deletes all your alarms, which is annoying, but it got rid of the volume decreasing problem.

Also check that you have the latest firmware from Google. This website explains how to check:

In relation to media audio disappearing, there are reports online that this can become a problem if the phone is dropped…or an app has been installed which settings inadvertently take control of the media settings for all apps. It might be worth seeing what apps are running when the media volume disappears to see if it is one of them causing the problem.

There is also another potential solution here (see Fix 10):

We have a neighbour who has a Google Pixel 6 phone and it is a little buggy…an example I helped him with recently is the On/Off button refuses to work at times and requires a rebook to correct until it happens again.

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Good that they have some assistance with attempting to sort things out.

As a not so young Aussie who has a group of regular older ones who struggle at times with tech, a ‘little buggy’ might not be good enough to build their confidence. I wonder how long some would be prepared to put up with a ‘little buggy’. In particular of the user relies on using only the most common features and applications.

Providing the mobile phone provider regularly updates your device, and responds promptly to fix issues through the updates, should anyone need to accept ongoing issues with buggy operation?


85 years old and still going strong - must be the water or air down here. I seem to be the local volunteer tech assisting seniors with computers, phone, iPads/tablets, streaming devices/TVs and scammers. I assist a few around town and in nearby areas. It would be good if it caught on…say tech savvy younger generations volunteering their knowledge to those less savvy.

Just in relation to the neighbour, he wants a replacement phone. Looks like I’ll be going on a shopping with him to look for a similar phone to our own (Vivo 1902/Y17 which has been fault free - touchwood).

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I purchased a huawei nova 5t as listed on choice review as i was happy with only spending a mid range smart phone. It’s good to see less pricy phones just as good as expensive phones. Unless one wants to spend much more on a higher end one.