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Google is going to block ads?

An article on the Lifehacker website suggests that the Google Chrome web browser is going to ‘get a massive speed boost’.

They seem to have missed the lede on this, yet again - Google is proposing to block ‘heavy impact’ advertisements at the browser level.

This raises some questions, of course, since Google happens to be one of if not the largest online advertiser. Will Chrome block Google ads? Does Google already have a policy of rejecting ads that chew resources? Is the action potentially anti-competitive?

Details of the intended changes to Chrome can be found on GitHub. In the meantime, the rest of us will continue to leave our ad-blockers set to ‘extreme’ and keep moving away from Chrome to more privacy-focused browsers.


Hopefully the #1 priority will to be blocking the disgusting Bitcoin Scam ads and their ilk.


Firefox can do a pretty good job on the tracking stuff and then a few extensions seems to pacify the rest. Google perhaps trying to suck more Firefox users their way?

I find the Pi-Hole does the best job in controlling most of the obnoxious stuff.

But for any who might be interested my FF extensions most used are HTTPS Everywhere to make sure I visit HTTPS as much as possible rather than HTTP, UBlock Origin (does a great job on most annoying stuff and the addition of a few of the lists in the various options really helps. Currently I am using 122,432 network filters + 46,829 cosmetic filters), Privacy Badger again for stuff the others miss and it learns it’s role fairly fast, NoScript which blocks unwanted Javascript, Blur for their disposable emails (can also be used as a free password manager), CanvasBlocker because it helps to stop fingerprinting, Lastpass for password management.

Some of these can break sites but then it is a matter of adjusting until the right mix is obtained with the least amount of garbage incoming. I think it is worth the effort, others may not.


Potentially websites that don’t use Google Ads might be penalised by Chrome. Seems fair


Another article regarding scam ads on Google.