Good service from a house and contents insurer

I recently had the occasion to make a claim for my aged parents. They have a fully-enclosed outdoor swimming pool where parts of the enclosure are a high-strength flexible mesh. The mesh on the doors and walls was sagging so they asked the original supplier to quote to tidy it up. When the salesperson arrived he asked them when the roof had received its hail damage. Mum and Dad’s property had been hit by hail in 2014 but their sight is not what it used to be so they had not noticed the damage to the roof of the enclosure.

Mum and Dad are insured with Chubb home and contents insurance. I contacted them and let them know about the claim and sent some photos and a quote to repair the roof. Chubb contacted the supplier to check it was hail damage and then sent the full amount (minus excess of course) direct to Mum and Dad’s bank account. Considering that is getting on for two years ago and they had never been notified I believe that is an excellent response by Chubb.

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That is indeed a good outcome. Might I add the same cannot be said for Comminsure, the insurance arm of the Commonwealth Bank. I act as an advocate for insured persons who experience difficulties with their insurance company. Comminsure are without peer in their narrow approach and willingness to look for the fine print to deny claims. Consumers beware. I have had to take every case to FOS (financial Ombudsman Service) for determination.

I am a fan of Shannons. I have my cars, a trailer and my house and contents with them and I have been with them since 1987.

Even after Robert Shannon was forced, by reason of ill health, to sell the company to one of “the big guys”, their service has remained exemplary and I have never had a problem with claims or premiums.

They even have one of the shortest customer service phone queues in Australia!