Good guys money back

Consider the OP seems reticent to engage TGG directly for some reason. How would he go in a court or tribunal that is more formal, especially as has been posted, TGG agreed to refund - it is just a matter of getting it done.


My two cents: If all else fails, and even before, use their Facebook page to let them know you have a problem (either publicly or via private message) without giving too much detail. Someone will respond pretty quickly to get the details. I find social media is a great way to resolve issues quickly.


Good idea, thansk. A couple of days ago, I sendt them my bank details again. Now they answer:
"I can see the cancellation has been processed however I cannot seem to located any previous emails with bank details.

Could you please send me a screenshot or scanned photo of your bank account or a bank statement? We need this in order to verify your details before making payment back to you."
Am I very wrong if I think they don’t need a bank statement of mine to tranfer?? I would expect BSB and account no should be enough!!

You are partially correct.
For a bank transfer all that is needed is BSB, account number, and account name.
But get any of those three items of information wrong and a transfer would be unable to be completed.
Maybe the company is just requesting a copy of your account statement so they can check the details independently of what you are telling them.

TGG do not want to send refund money off to an account somewhere based on incorrect details and having you then complain it never arrived.

After all, this problem all started because you were sending an email to a non-existant email address as a result of error on your part.

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My understanding is in Australia a transfer only needs the BSB+Account. The name of the account is only used if a ‘mistaken’ transfer is reported.

From AFCA, previously posted

Internet banking is an easy way to electronically transfer money from one account to
another. It is important to get the BSB and account number right, because banking
systems only use the account number when processing the payment. The account name
is not used to transfer the payment

The account name only becomes important
If you do enter the wrong account or BSB number the payment will be made to the wrong account (unintended recipient). This is known as a mistaken internet payment. The account name is then used as a validation whether the BSB+Account matches.

It is reasonable that TGG wants all the details to assure everything goes well, including if the refund ends up in the wrong account (fat fingers, whatever) they have a chance to recover it.


Despite what you say, my experience with money transfers from bank to bank in Australia is that the account name is validated against the account number at transfer time.
I have had transfers fail when the recipient has made a typo in the name.

I am aware the interbank systems in many countries validate the name. Perhaps it is finally creeping into some of our banks or the AFCA link I have is stale (unlinked as superseded)? Excepting for your comment, which I do not doubt, I have found nothing to suggest we have that level of security for routine transfers as of today.

Yet validating the name has obvious problems requiring fuzzy logic such as whether it is going to Greg Pty Ltd’ or ‘Greg P/L’ or ‘Greg Pty. Ltd.’ or ‘PhilT’ or ‘PhilipT’ as examples. Would close enough need to be good enough?

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What level of pattern matching is considered good enough to validate is something only the programmers could answer.

I confirmed now my details in a second mail. Now they say :slight_smile: “Hi again,
Sorry for the miscommunication, as mentioned I do need it to be an actual photo of these details which include your name, in order to verify that we are transferring it into your correct account.

Isn’t that a trie for fraud? As I wrote her already, so far everybody else could transfer money with the SBS ans account no! I gave them the acc. -name as well, must be good enough!!?

Whether in an image or text format it is the same information, but it does seem over the top. Have you called the store and spoken with the manager to sort this? And if so, what transpired? And if not, since you are having difficulty have you discounted that as the possibly most efficient manner to sort it or is there another reason you can share?


No, I didn’t call. since my englsh isn’t very good. But: I wrote them and I am convinced nobody had any troubles so far, to transfer money with this numbers supplied! But I do not supply a pic. of a statement with the saldo of the account! Although I wrote them already " there are only $10 left in the acc. means it isn’t the worth the effort to clean the account!

Don’t let that be a deal breaker regarding ringing. My accent is ‘North American’ and after decades I still need to spell the street I live on - a perfectly common English type name. You could be surprised someone who works at the store might have unexpected language skills.

Another option would be to get a friend to ring while sitting with you and translate/communicate back and forth between you and them in real time.


Suppose this are good thoughts. T wrote them now something in the Facebook page about the advertising without availability and refuse to pay money back. I wait for a minute or two, perhaps they see it??

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Seems the real issue here may be a wrong email address and Good Guys never receiving the the bank details. This is the reason I use PayPal.

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And if Good guys wanted to refund you using a direct money transfer, PayPal would be of what use exactly?

A long time ago,I didn’t get a product I ordered, paid by Pay Pal. I had to go to court with Pay Pal to get the money back. Since I don’t use Pay Pal any more!