Gmail address hack

Like me, you probably visit a lot of websites that require you giving out your email address, I have gmail address, and I can make as many different email gmail addresses as I wish and they all get filtered back to my original gmail address. All that is required is to add +(whatever name I want,) for example my email address is, if I visit a widget website I sign up using and google will allow as many names like this as I want, it also makes it really easy to filter and if you start getting junk mail, the widgets tag tells me its the widget company selling on my details. although i have found some website wont accept the + addition, but they are few and far between.


It is a good feature for sure. If you use Gmail.

I get lots of emails in my Gmail account and they are mostly junk to be cleaned out once every week or so.

Yes Choice too. Where did you get my Gmail address from, since I never give it out as I don’t use it?

Never use it for sending.


i have gmail and really think i want to change to something else as i am getting mail addressed to 2 old g mail names i have not used for years one was created to use on a date site now i am being told to return books to a library in USA so where does our info go ?


And if you use Google Apps (think Gmail etc with your own domain) you can go one better than +widget addresses. I can just give my address as <company>@<domain>.com (NOTE it’s no longer free)

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