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In June I arranged international insurance for a trip overseas, choosing Covermore. There was an offer for a free “global SIM” which seemed like it might be worthwhile. I sent for one, and followed all instructions, even making one phone call to my destination to make quite sure it worked. Unfortunately that was the only call I ever made - once I arrived at my destination it never worked, for phone or internet.
For a start, the SIM card was not registered in the country.
Twice I called Covermore via the local network, but no one answered or returned my call.
Even the Covermore website wouldn’t work, as it required an “alpha code” as well as password.
The only communication was by email, but the reply was just to ring Covermore again!
I decided I had wasted enough money, and have requested a full refund as the product is not what is claimed.

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Sorry to hear about the SIM not working.

Did you research beforehand how much it would cost if you bought a policy from someone else and bought a SIM card (one that worked where you were headed) yourself versus the Covermore policy with the ‘free’ SIM?

I believe you are saying that you purchased the international insurance, and then after you had purchased the insurance you took up the offer of the free SIM card. Therefore the SIM card was then a gift which cost nothing.

To clarify what you are saying; you are asking for a refund for something that was ‘free’?

It would seem that the free SIM is bait to entice you to buying a policy which could possibly cost more than just buying a policy from someone else.

Unless you are saying the international insurance policy was somehow faulty, I don’t think you will get any joy receiving a refund just because the free gift didn’t work as you expected. Did Covermore make any statement or claim that it would work in the country you were going to visit? It may well have worked perfectly in other countries.

Perhaps you should have looked this gift horse in the mouth?

There are two salutary lessons from this:

  1. Beware of buying any product/service that comes with a ‘free gift’, if it is more expensive than just buying the same/equivalent product/service somewhere else.
  2. Always check if SIM cards are registered in the country/ies where they are intended to be used before heading over seas.

Covermore claim that the free SIM works in over 190 countries. The list can be found here:
Was your destination one of those ?
They said that the SIM would have a UK (+44) number. Was that the case with your SIM ?

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The SIM card was free - the phone calls or data use obviously would not be. And I got a refund, thanks.
I had several online chats with Covermore personel, about where I was going, and how to use it, how much it cost etc, both in Indonesia and between here and Indonesia.
I think I was therefore justifiably angry that not only the SIM didn’t work, even their website was inaccessible. To call it “global” was a travesty. Given the amount of communication I had with them, the idea that anyone should have to check that the card is registered is a bit ridiculous.


Indeed ! Their website suggests that it works in Indonesia (on the Hutchinson network). It also suggests that they can foresee network registration issues, and whilst every phone is different, they really should provide the necessary troubleshooting instructions in writing, with the card.


The admission of " network issues" sounds like as result of my complaint.