Global Shop Direct a free offer that isn't

In the latest TV ads GSD offers the SOCK SLIDER for $49.95 + $9.95 postage - but wait there’s more, if you buy one you get one free! Whee! There is NO option to purchase just ONE!
Today I received a flyer from Australia post and they advertise the SAME SOCK SLIDER for $24.95!!! No Postage? So from AP you get one at half the price of GSD!

Isn’t this false advertising??
When will the ACCC do something about telemarketing “because today we have a fabulous offer for the viewers” - a great way to hide the cost of the item!



Not false advertising but shows that it does pay to shop around. Marketing words like "fabulous offer for the viewers is marketing spin to encourage impulsive purchases. It should not be believed as being the best offer guaranteed, as such wording would be seen as false or misleading advertising. False advertising would be:

  • the quality, style, model or history of a product or service
  • whether the goods are new
  • the sponsorship, performance characteristics, accessories, benefits or use of products and services
  • the availability of repair facilities or spare parts
  • the need for the goods or services
  • any exclusions on the goods and services.

It is worth Googling products like that as it may not be the cheapest price available. It can even be bought for less than $24.95.


I believe that it is false advertising if Global Shop Direct never sold, nor intended to sell, one of the item for $49.95. The ACCC page linked above lists the following as an example of a misleading claim - “a jewellery store advertises that a watch ‘was’ $200 and is ‘now’ $100 when the store never sold the watch for $200”. It’s a similar situation.


Thanks that was exactly my point.


Just checked the GSD website…

and it appears they have been careful not to use the word free. They say BUY 1 AND GET A 2ND…which could mean that you pay for two and it is $49+++. It is very loose/ambiguous wording which could be interpreted in different ways.

I don’t really think it would fit into misleading as outlined on the ACCC website.

They also have not indicated the RRP for one either.

Like any online offers, best to shop around to check prices.