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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Customer Service? What Customer Service?

I have been using Eno as needed for decades but it has suddenly become unavailable at Coles, Woollies and Chemist Warehouse without any explanation.

A few weeks ago, a Coles staff member used his handheld gadget to check and there was no advice on any orders.

On 17.12.2020 I called GSK and the operator put me through to what went to a voicemail message. I left a message but nobody called me back

I called again on 18.12.2020 and the operator took my name, mobile number and email address, but once again I never received a call.

Yesterday, I called for the third time, and the same operator remembered me and said she would definitely get someone to call, but as usual, nobody did.

I have just called our local Coles, Woollies and Chemist Warehouse. None have any stock or any idea of if or when they might receive any.

This is the most disgusting lack of customer service I have ever encountered from a multi-national company.

As well as Eno, I have been buying their Panadol and Panadol Osteo on my GP’s advice, as well as their Codral Cold & Flu Tablets and Otrivin nasal sprays for many years, but I will now find alternatives for all GSK products.

It appears that GSK could not care less about their customes as clearly illustrated by their actions in deleting any products containing codeine when the Government made them prescription only medications.


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I just came across a DIY recipe for a substitute for ENO.

I actually found some bottles of ENO at our local Supa IGA the other day but I may try the DIY recipe when I run out.

Perhaps GSK may be revamped and actually introduce customer service?