Giving new meaning to word "Clearance"

Harvey Norman have the word “clearance” in red on several items on their website.
They were quoting the normal retail prices and when I queried the prices they said it meant they were clearing those items at the normal price.
I said what’s the point and they replied they were making way for new stock.
To me, if you have an item on clearance it means you are selling it for a reduced price.
To Harvey Norman an item on clearance means they are getting rid of it at normal retail price…


Typical shonky Harvey Norman behaviour.



Thanks for pointing that out @keky41. I’m sure many people will see that clearance sign and not bother to check unlike you.

It always pays to check prices before making purchases. In the case Harvey Norman, my experience it is quite easy to get cheaper prices because they tend to sell products at recommended retail price. Consequently, even if they give a discount it can be more expensive than available elsewhere.

Edit: I have also seen signs saying stock is being being LIQUIDATED. When I challenged them as the prices were not reduced, I was told that they were just trying to sell their stock.

I looked up the dictionary definition of ‘Liquidate’ and one of the meanings is
“to sell something in order to get cash”. Another trap for the unwary.