Gay Time cake mix..., not likely

My daughter was going to surprise her brother with his favorite cake as his birthday cake…, a Golden Gaytime made by “Greens”

…, how cool…, his number 1 favorite icecream as his birthday cake…, well what a massive disappointment it was when she opened up the box to reveal a lousy (bloody pitiful) 25 grm pkt of toffee crumb. It would be impossible to make such a pitiful amount look like the cake on the box.

Companies wonder “why” we as consumers are pushing the truth in labelling…, it’s because of stupid advertising like this. We have always enjoyed their cakes…, and they “use” to be our first pick with the Gingerbread men being the choice for all school fetes…, not anymore.

A very disappointed customer, Gary Vee.


That’s going to be a vanilla cake.

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That is disappointing!

I haven’t looked in awhile, but I did discover that you can buy gaytime crumbs in a tin. Might be easier to make a cake from scratch and add as many crumbs as you like. I hope, in spite of the disappointing cake mix, that your son had a very happy birthday.