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We learnt that having a read of the installation manual can be very helpful pre-purchase. In 2011 we bought a Miele cooktop that only had a statement “unsuitable for flush mounting in quartz bench tops” in that document, a document not generally available to the consumer. It was packaged in the box and normally opened after delivery.

No mention on the Miele web site, not in their catalogue and sales literature, and not in the salesperson’s nor his manager’s knowledge base. After all, who would want to put a gas cooktop flush in a quartz bench top?

One would have thought Miele would have been apologetic and eager to make amends, but the reverse was the case and they had the audacity to initially demand a restocking fee! . It worked out satisfactorily after we threatened to lodge a formal complaint.

Since then we have learned many built-in appliances have sometimes obscure and unexpected installation requirements from the screw down position to venting area, venting sizes, shapes, and locations, beyond what is in the glossy.

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Our gas cooktop review (member content) has been updated.

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A recommendation for the buying guide is to take paper cut outs (trace the base and add handles on a piece of paper and cut shape out using scissors) of the saucepans one commonly uses and especially those at the same time. Take these to the store when looking for a new gas burner and lay them over the trivets to see how they fit. They shouldn’t be cramped and should have at least 25mm spacing between them otherwise the cooking space will be cramped and higher likelihood of being burn’t or handles getting in the way.

Be careful to place the saucepan cutouts on the burners suited to the saucepan size as the bigger saucepans may also side by side by the burner layout rather than diagonally opposite (which may be deceive and provide more room…but not in a functional way).

We have friends that had to buy a new saucepan set as their old one didn’t work well with the new cooktop (which happened to be electric but same applies to gas and induction) layout.

Also, if you don’t use a wok, ask if the gas cooktop wok burner can be used for flat bottom saucepans (Fisher and Paykel for example say don’t do it) . If possible, get the store, if you plan to buy one that does, to write this down on the invoice as there are many reports of wok burners failing through flat saucepan use.


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