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Garment steamers review

We review garment steamers (member content), including which ones the best at removing creases from a range of fabrics (especially delicate) and curtains. You can also find more general advice in our garment steamer buying guide.

Do you have a garment steamer? Share your experience below.


Some months back bought an Onix garment steamer from Woolworths for $25.

All I can say is it was rubbish. It took ages to heat up before it produced any steam. When it did produce steam it was only for moments. Then, it didn’t want to produce steam consistently, and I was standing there pulling on the trigger like a trained pigeon waiting for the random seed reward to drop.

Adding insult to injury it was incontinent, and leaked water uncontrollably.

No amount of jiggery or pokery could fix it. In utter desperation, I even tried everything in the instructions to get it to work, but it was terminal.

so full steam ahead for a refund.


Thanks @meltam, appreciate you sharing this experience :+1: