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Garden hoses and fittings



I have a garden, and we are dependent on tank water. Saving water is a priority. Hose fittings are expensive, and tend to leak. A good test would be hose-end fittings and the qualities of good garden hoses and accessories.


Thinking this was such an obvious thing to test, I curtailed my forum activities, sallied forth, and infiltrated the search box of the main Choice site - only to find (like the Cheese in the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch) there was no test to be found! There was a buying guide on retractable hose reels - which neglected to mention the most important thing about retractable hose reels - willing the lottery so you can afford one … I have a $4.95 plastic holder mounted on the wall that works fine thank-you … but I digress …

Probably my last 8 or 10 trips to the hardware store have in part consisted of wandering aimlessly in the hose and hose fittings section being completely perplexed by a seemingly endless options available, so I enthusiastically support this request for a test … I might then even be able to make a decision. (this on the back of two ‘hose explosions’ which have made me cynical about the quality of hoses …).


It depends on what you mean by hose fittings.

If you mean the mainly plastic snap fittings that go on 12mm or 19mm garden hose then compatibility would be a useful study. One reason for leaks is fittings that don’t mate with each other correctly. Another is failing O-rings.

If you mean polypipe that is a very different thing.


You have my vote.
Nothing worse that using a hand gun on the end of the hose to save water and have the fittings leak or let go.

I bought some fancy brass ones once only to learn they only work with other brass clip lock fittings for some reason. And the o-rings and sealing washers should have been good enough to last forever failed in a year or two. Worse than plastic fittings from Kmart.


Thanks for the request @suellalan, we’ll be sure to take it into consideration.


What about that hose and fittings advertised on TV “Hoselink”. Maybe that might be a useful comparison to the other products out there. For a fittings tests I would like to point out that many plastic fittings become brittle, powdery/crazed, broken after some time in the sun and as a hose and fitting the “being in the sun” seems like it might happen on a regular basis (your circumstances may vary widely from this statement :slight_smile: ).


The appeal of the ancient brass threaded fittings was the simplicity and with a new washer occasionally no leaks.
Of course the achilles heal is the threaded collar to keep the hose captive.
And for some the inconvenience of having to use brute force to tighten the connections.

For the plastic click type fittings:
Is Choice able to conveniently perform an accelerated aging test on plastic fittings? Anecdotally the Pope orange and grey fittings don’t like the Qld sun. From experience the grey molded screw collars loose plasticity and break down from around 2 years. Most o-rings seem to last about the same, and then cost their weight in precious metal at the local garden shop or hardware store. Perhaps I could water at night?