Frozen cauliflower (and vegetable) rice - Product of Spain

Cauliflower rice is a great alternative to the carb and calorie dense rice you would ordinarily use in fried rice or similar dishes. To make it you really need a fresh cauli, moreover they can be expensive at times. I decided to buy frozen cauliflower, with carrot and broccoli, as this was all Woolworths had a the time. It’s a good product and it all worked well. However, the Edgell brand stated that the produce was a ‘Product of Spain’. We are told that Australia produces 75% more food than it consumes. I’m staggered that there is a need to import this (no doubt highly subsidised produce) from the other side of the world. Moreover it may well be produce of Spain but it may be grown somewhere else. Surely we have enough vegetables to produce this product here, and if we haven’t got the smarts in Australia to manufacture a machine to chop the vegetables, then I’m sure manufacturers could consider buying one from overseas. I would have at a guess that there would be a reasonable market for this produce. Edgell is a US multinational and couldn’t care less about anything except profit I guess, much less Australia. In these times, and with the Chinese trying to destroy agriculture in this country, I hope that a manufacturer (locally owned with local produce) can enter that market.


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